Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All about me.... sort of

Ok. So I have no real news on either Uncle. Except that Uncle Bill seems to be going through congestive heart failure. Joy.

But I wanted to tell you about me so you all (ok one of you LMAO) don’t run away as fast as possible.

I am a 41 year old woman who has never married or had children. Although I have been dating the same man for the last 19 years. YES, I know! Anywhoooo…..We have furry kids. Two huge monster dogs and four cats. Well, 3 ½ cats. Mootch is a stray I am trying very hard to tame. We feed him but don’t get to touch him. Hmmm sounds like… never mind LMAO!

The BF is currently out of work. Hell he has been out of work since November. Talk about a bummer. But there is nothing out there for him. It really puts a strain on things. Hopefully soon though. Maybe after our vacation.

I am currently 4 weeks away from my first vacation in 9 years. We are going on a cruise to Alaska. YEE FREAKING HAW!! We have had this planned for the last year so it being this close is so exciting I am ready to pee my pants. I still need things though. I need to buy a coat and shoes and a camera. Oh and I need to buy pants.

We purchased this before the loss of the job. His company just flat out closed the doors on the employees. No final paycheck. No vacation pay. No Cobra. Nothing.

I am a tv junkie. Lost is my true love. I am very sad it is ending next year. I also love a few other shows.

American Idol (Adam should have won), Bones, Deadliest Catch, Survivor, Ghost Hunters, Iron Chef America, So you think you can Dance, Big Brother. There are a lot more. *blushes.

The other thing I am is a reader. I am a bookaholic. I need books like other people need air. I at all times have 2 books on me. The second one is in case I finish the first. I do not want to be stuck reading the gum package or my car manual or anything goofy like that. And trust me I have.

My first love of reading is horror closely followed by paranormal romance. I cannot do true crime or real life stories. I am reading to get away from it all not learn. If I want to learn I will watch the Discovery channel or do research on the internet.

So there my boring self is.


  1. I think I like being an audience of one!! And I loved learning more about you.

    I HEART Deadliest Catch. Sig rocks!!


  2. You are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE your Alaskan cruise. I got married in Anchorage in 2006, then took a week cruise - it was the BEST TRIP EVER. Juneau is awesome, I hope you're stopping there. Wish I'd saved the perfect wedding trip for someone I would actually stay married to. Have fun!