Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey there

I have been throwing around the idea of writing a blog for a while now. The problem is I am computer stupid. Oh I can turn it on and navigate around different sites but setting up a webpage is a little more difficult.

In my head I see a fancy blog with pictures and fun graphics. In reality though I put the header you now see up and that is the extent of what I have been able to figure out. So the look may or may not change depending on how frustrated I feel like getting that day lol.

Why have I thought about a blog? Because there are things I see or read where I think “man I need to bitch about that” or “man someone else besides me needs to worry” or “Am I worrying about nothing” or “man, am I bored so I am going to gab my brains out to random strangers.”

An example: This morning I get up to get ready for work. I sit in front of the computer putting my make up on and pull up Yahoo news. See I like to know if anyone blew anyone up or any kind of major weird thing happened while I slept.
I have no idea why but that is just what I do in the morning.

Front page news stories… North Korea threatens to harm US if attacked and Obama: US ready for any threat from North Korea

So there I am reading these articles. Have you followed any of this? And I am thinking what the hell is wrong with North Korea?

We are like two bullies who are poking each other with pointy sticks.

I would like to talk to the leader of North Korea and say.. “Hey dude, you know if you just turn your missile around a mile away from Hawaii, where no one is, no one would be bothering you”

But it is like they stopped thinking reality. The US and North Korea. Sure the leaders may “prove who has a bigger dick and a better military” but random people like me and you are the ones that are going to pay.

It is just plain stupid UGH.

Oops, got negative and cussed in my first post! Get used to it I guess. I never have been one to hold my tongue.

Hope you stick around! (that is if anyone ever accidently happens across this blog *snort)


  1. I wasn't going to post a comment on such an old post but there's something here I can't *not* comment about...

    "...The US and North Korea. Sure the leaders may 'prove who has a bigger dick...'"

    Um, we're talking Barack Obama and Kim Jong Il here. Is there really any question who has a bigger dick? Once you go black...

    Just sayin'!