Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The chainsaw versus the telephone/internet line

Can you guess which one won?
The honey got the great idea to trim the outside tree. We do it once a year. Trim that sucker down to the nubs. I guess it is to keep it smaller. And it helps with the hundred thousand leaves it drops. Well this year he had bought a brand spanking new chainsaw on a stick.
You should have seen him all happy outside. No ladder. Just chopping away at the limbs as I stacked them up.
I watched the wire cut in half. Part of it heading back to the pole and the other heading to the house.
"Um.... what was that wire for?"
"Don't worry about it."
"No really. What was that wire for? Am I going to be electrocuted standing here on the wet grass?"
"It was the phone/internet line. No big deal and no you won't be electrocuted."
"Ok good."
I grabbed another set of branches to move in the pile and then it hit me. I don't have the internet anymore.
"Um.... can you fix that?"
"No, you are going to have to call to get it fixed. But I don't want to pay for it so say a branch fell on it."
I turned around to go in the house and call.
"Where in the heck are you going?"
"I am going to go call!"
"You don't need to call right now. We aren't done."

In my head I am thinking oh hell yes I have to call. RIGHT NOW! I don't have internet! How long is it going to take them to fix it. And buddy you are so freaking gonna pay for it to be fixed if it costs something.
But like a good little girl I continued to stack the branches until he decided it was getting to dark to finish.
It was at this point I ran into the house coated in wood chips and crunched up leaves. I sat down at the computer and started to type in the information to get the phone number I needed to fix the internet when I realized I can't use the internet. UGH. So I grabbed the phone book and then grabbed the phone. At which point I remember I can't used the damn phone either!
So I get my cell and call in a repair ticket. I am surprised I didn't whine/cry/yell at them to hurry up and fix me.
Well I now have my internet back. I watched a lot of shows that I had on my dvr during my down time and I read two books LOL
What is new with you?


  1. I am laughing because you went to use the internet and the phone. Sorry, its funny and I would have done the same! Glad you are back in business!

  2. I have so done the same! Not cut the wire - but tried to use the internet without the service - because - dammit - the laptop is "wireless" so it *should* work - right?

  3. "The honey" just DOES NOT understand the importance of these things! We can't live without our facebook games!!! ;) Glad you're back, I was wondering about ya.

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