Monday, October 11, 2010

The inflatable gargoyle

Last weekend I went with the honey to Lowe's. As we were walking around I saw this.

I fell in love. The head moved from side to side. The thing was huge and it was cheap. I told the honey I wanted it and he just laughed. But I knew if I worked on him long enough he would end up getting it for me the next weekend. I am kind of spoiled that way LMAO!!!
So after we went home I started working. Ok I kept talking about how much I loved it. How cute it would look in our yard. How small of a space it would take up since it is inflatable. After three days of talk talk talk he said he would think about it which in our house means FINE just Shut up and we will get it next weekend.
(By the way this works both ways. He tends to get what he wants too)
The neighbor showed up on Thursday. She likes to bring over her son who is two. I guess for adult interaction lol. As we sat in my living room I told her (ok I gushed) about how excited I was about getting the gargoyle. I went into great detail about it's glowing eyes and moving head. I told her how cheap it was and how I couldn't believe that because normally things cost a whole hell of a lot more then that. And I told her I couldn't wait to go back to Lowe's to get it this weekend.
I must have sounded a bit like a crazy person but look at it!!
Friday night a group of neighbors ended up outside chatting. It was me, my next door neighbor, the neighbor with her son and husband and the across the street neighbor. We were talking about the house the across the street neighbors just purchased and how she was going to move but her husband was going to stay until he retired. The other neighbors husband picks up their son and says "We better get going if we are going to get that gargoyle you want from Lowe's"
My mouth dropped. I had one of those moments where you swear there was no way you were hearing what was actually being said.
She says to her husband, "well we have to go to babyland too. We need to get the riding toy."
He says "Well we can't get both. Do you want the riding toy or that gargoyle you have been talking about"
She says " The gargoyle"
And off they go to get ready to leave.
Now this woman had no idea about this gargoyle before I gushed about it. She never told me she was going to get one. She knew I was going on Sunday to buy it for myself. But here it was Friday and she is getting ready to go get it for herself.
She knew how much I wanted it. She should know it will look stupid with two giant gargoyles two houses apart.
Her husband would think I was some kind of copy cat if I put one up.
I have to admit to feeling incredibly irritated and somewhat weirded out.
Why would she do something like that?
Am I just being overly sensitive? I mean she can buy what ever she wants right?

I still don't know if she has it or not. In fact I am not even sure I want to ask her. It really bothers me. The honey said it was rude of her but I am not sure if he was just petting me on the head to make me feel better or what.
So Sunday passed without me getting my gargoyle. I have to admit to being a tad bit sad about that.


  1. That really was rude of the neighbor!!! WHY would she do that?!

    On the other hand... think about the electric bill. Sure, its inflatable, but in order to STAY inflatable, it needs to continually be running on electric. It doesn't have a plug for you to keep the thing inflated like a beach ball, I don't think. I could be wrong, you might want to check on that if you don't mind the electric bill.

  2. She must be one of those "Mean Girls". I can't figure out why she would do that either. Next time you might have to tell no one what you are doing until it is all said and done.

    I would be seething though...... Thanks for the visit.

  3. You should still get it, and then make it better than hers. Get FOUR!

  4. There's always one in the bunch, isn't there? You should have piped up and said "Oh? You are getting the gargoyle too?" I bet she wouldn't have bought it then.

    Thanks for the tap, tap, tap today. I tried to respond but you aren't set up for email responses. I'm still here and fine. Thanks for checking!

  5. I saw that gargoyle at our Lowes a few weekends ago when we were in the check out line! I thought it was absolutely adorable! You should still get it...then your houses would give off the illusion of being a Castle with a gargoyle on each corner guarding over the premises! Wouldn't that be great!

  6. How could she!!! So RUDE! I hope you go and get him anyway. Yours will look cuter than hers.

  7. I found this Gargoyle at my local Goodwill for $19.99. I was on cloud nine as Gemmy retired him & he is no longer available.You should have gotten him anyway. I hate neighbors like that.