Thursday, October 7, 2010

The job I could never do.....

I decided to try doing one of Mama Kat's writing prompts. (I will admit it is because it seems no one visits my blog anymore :( and I am hoping to find new readers. Pathetic right?)

So what is the job that I couldn't do? Construction. Look at this picture.

I would die. No seriously. Before I ever even got that far I would have a heart attack and die.
Look at these!

See I can't even stand on this.....

Without feeling like my legs have turned to noodles. My body starts to shake and I break out in a full sweat.
I can't tell you how embarrassing this is to me. There was one time the honey lifted me up onto a beam in order to move a box for him. The problem was once I was up there I froze. Full on froze with my hands like claws. He literally had to peel my hands off in order to get me down. I couldn't even let go I was so terrified.
I have great respect for those workers. I also think they are idiots... but that is just my fear talking. Those guys should be paid a bunch!!!


  1. My brother is a carpenter, but doesn't have to go on really, really high buildings. I could never do his job, being outside all day (hot and cold) and busting my butt, I'm just not strong enough!

  2. I hate high places. I agree - that's a job I could never do.

  3. Hi Jody!!

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  4. Hi Jody,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I came over to see you. Interesting post, this one. The pictures fascinate me. It makes my heart pound just to look at them but yet, I can't look away. Me too, I'm that afraid of heights. Imagine sitting out on the edge of those beams, eating your lunch, Yipes. I used to ski a lot and actually learning to ski was the easy part ...... going up to the top in the chair lift was what freaked me out.
    Have a peace filled weekend.
    Wanna buy a duck