Friday, November 12, 2010

The hair dye disaster

Oh boy was it ever a disaster. See, I had these two strips of grey that didn't bother me then really bothered me. So today I bought some hair dye. Medium brown. Well..... I ended up a calico.

My hair was completely and totally screwed up. Bad. BAD BAD BAD. It was red and brown and blond and stupid looking.
So I ran and bought some new hair dye to fix it.
Tomorrow Sazy is going to take a picture and I will show you what happened next.
Let's just say in my lifetime I have NEVER had this dark of hair.
Holy Crap.


  1. We've all had run ins with the hair dye. I once accidentally turned mine a purple hue.

  2. I have had accidental orange and a accidental green. This was the first time I was multicolored on accident lol

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