Wednesday, November 24, 2010


That is what this year is doing. My god is it going fast! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I haven't posted on my blog for over a week. Soon Christmas will be here. And I still have no job.
I figure that won't happen until after Christmas anyway so no stressing about it. Lord knows I am going to stress about Christmas, Thanksgiving and gift giving and shopping so I don't need to add anymore.
Day before yesterday I bought some new cleaner to clean my shower. We have hard water and a thick film of white that will not go away. I have used comet, vinegar, 409, scrubbing bubbles. Pretty much everything. Well someone mentioned Kaboom. How it was a wonder worker. I thought ok. fine. Nothing else makes a damn dent in that white soap scum/hard water mixture I will try it. So I bought some.
And I used it. I sprayed and sprayed and waited the time I was suppose to. Then armed with my bucket of hot water and a sponge I started scrubbing. My eyes were stinging. I could feel my throat and nose getting coated with that chemical smell/taste. And the damn shit didn't work. I felt like crying. I walked around with that stupid burnt feeling in my mouth and nose all day.
That night I went to bed and at 1:30 am I woke up feeling horrible. I spent until 3:45 am running back and forth to the bathroom feeling like I was going to throw up. I never did. Although I had a few drool fests lol.
The next day I still felt horrible. I totally was having some reaction to the stupid cleaner. Today though... much better!
Needless to say that cleaner is going into the garbage. I am not in the mood for another night of staring into my toilet bowl. Which I need to clean blick.

We made the decision to go to the honey's nephews for Thanksgiving. I asked them what I should bring and they told me a shrimp cocktail platter.
What? Seriously?
They totally gave me something that I have no idea how to make. Had no idea people ate this for Thanksgiving. I ordered one over the phone from Safeway. I thought I was good. I had told the lady what I wanted. Told her how many people. Blah blah blah.
Then the honey notched up the fear factor. Are you sure you are getting the prawns and not those tiny shrimp? (ummm no I was assuming)
How many shrimp per person is that? (ummm I didn't ask that)
Exactly how big is the platter? (ummm I have no idea I told her what I wanted)
So today I need to haul my ass over to Safeway and talk face to face with the seafood lady. Why the hell couldn't they have asked me to bring something like deviled eggs!
Well, I have to go to the store. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.


  1. that kaboom stuff pisses me off!!! I sprayed some on in my bath tub once... and it totally tarnished the faucet. It's black spotted now and it refuses to shine again.

  2. I wish I could find something to take the soap and hard water stains off. ugh. I'm sure the platter you ordered is going to work out just fine. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Jody! I'm with you on the hard water stains - if you don't get them off immediately it's like they are stuck there forever!

  4. Ew. Shrimp cocktail for Thanksgiving? How did it turn out?

  5. Kaboom works wonders in my bathtub, but I don't have the hard water stains you deal with, just soap scum.