Monday, November 8, 2010

The Walking Dead and me

Are you guys watching this new series? It just started last week. This show is excellent. Here is the website. You can watch the first episode online.
The second episode should be up sometime soon.
I am a horror lover. I read and watch a ton of horror. So the first episode had to be good in order to keep my attention. The first 5 minutes almost had me turning it off but I am so damn glad I didn't. After that it was a no holds barred zombie lovefest. The writers did a excellent job of keeping my attention and building tension.
This is not for the faint of heart. Although the first show didn't have tons of zombies it brought us into that world. The second show more then made up for the seemingly small lack in the first show.
This is hands down my new favorite show on tv. WOOT ZOMBIES!!!!!
I cannot wait until next Sunday. :)

I know that it must be hard to try and make an original zombie show. After all how do you make something that has been around for years and years seem fresh. They are doing it by making it all about the characters. I am sooo happy I stumbled (HA!) on this show. I hope some of you are watching it too.

I haven't heard back from the job. Guess I didn't get invited to the second round of interviews. I hadn't realized how much I had wanted to hear back until I spiraled down into a blue funk.
But you know what. I give up. No really. I give up. I will continue to apply but I don't care anymore. If they call me good. But if they don't.. well screw it. I can't allow myself to get so damn depressed like that. It is horrible. So I don't care anymore. Yes I want a job. Yes I need a job. Yes I will continue to look hard for a job. But I am not allowing myself hope anymore. If I don't hope then I won't fall if I do. I am tired of falling.


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  2. LMAO!!!!!

    You got visited by an infomercial.

  3. So sorry the job didn't pan out. I know it's tough especially after so long. I really hope you find something soon. :-(