Monday, November 15, 2010

The new hair and Walking dead.

So without any further blah blah blah... here is my new hair.

The first time I dyed it I looked just like the cat I am holding.
And no I am not so spread out on the bottom as I look in that picture I am actually sitting on a fence. I should have cut that part off lol.
It was a shock to have such dark hair the first two days. But now I like it a lot!

Are you watching The Walking Dead? Well are you? If you aren't you are missing out on a seriously excellent show.

Here are a few of my thoughts about this episode lol
I think they are in trouble with Merle. He is not going to be a happy camper that he had to cut off his own hand. I don't think the fact that they tried to go save him is going to change that in any way either. His brother is a loose cannon too.

The whole scene where Rick is reunited with his family was nice. Shane is going to have issues with this farther down the road. He is the alpha male of the group and his position is about to change. He is going to lose his kingdom, his makeshift family and anything else that he thought he had to Rick. Somehow I don't think he is going to take that well in the future.

I can totally understand him telling Laurie that Rick was dead. He goes to the hospital and it is overrun with zombies (why in the hell are they calling them geeks?) He knows that Rick was in a coma. I probably would have assumed he died in there too.

The "campers" need a better defense then cans on a string to alert them to zombie attack. They have picked a ok area but man they need to start thinking defensible space. They need to clear a larger area. They need to plan out multiple escape routes. They need to start carving weapons. They are sitting ducks right now. They need foraging teams. People they would send in small groups of maybe three at a time, to go gather supplies they needed like the radiator hose. They should be collecting all the canned food they can.
They know Atlanta is overrun. But there will be random houses here and there. Instead they are just sitting and waiting to run out of food.
They need to stop driving to get water. Walk. Quiet is key here.
The women need to be trained to kill. There is no way in hell I am going to just sit there washing clothes when my life is on the line.
They need to learn to kill silently. The cut off the head/shoot it with a arrow through the brain was nice and tidy... minus all the noise they made in trying to kill him.
They just don't seem to care about the fluids that are flying around either. Watch out people or you will find yourself infected.

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