Thursday, July 2, 2009

A quick letter

Dear Lady in the white pants,

Hi there. You don’t know me but I saw you yesterday at the strip mall. You were walking down the hallway as I drove by. The pants you had on were super cute however there was a slight problem. Did you know that they were see through? Not a little see through either. Very incredibly totally 100% see through.

And ummm did you know that you forgot to wear underwear? So as we were driving up behind you all I saw was crack. I thought maybe just maybe it was a thong that you were wearing and that is why I could see your rear so perfectly. But ummm when we finally got past you I couldn’t stand it so I had to turn around to see the front. You did forget your underwear. Nice to know that you keep that thing trimmed up into a racing stripe.

Love, Jody

(this is not her but it sure shows what I was talking about)


  1. :-O

    how does one forget underwear...especially in white pants?

  2. Now that is definitely something to be filed under too much visual information.

    Do you need the brain bleach?

    Thanks for cruising by my place today!