Wednesday, July 1, 2009

There are good things too

Well let’s perk this up a bit. Gloom and Doom gets boring after a while. But I will admit that I needed this outlet to let it all hang out.

But I have other things… Yup I have a lot of other things that I am actually looking forward to!

Coming up first… and yes I am a big old nerd is the American Idol concert. *blush

I am totally looking forward to this to be honest. I completely fell under the Adam spell. That boy can move and sing. Kris Allen was pretty darn good himself. All in all I enjoyed this last season of AI. I am dragging my poor friend along to see it with me.

Next up is my cruise to Alaska!!! WOO FREAKING HOO!!! I am so in need of a vacation. Bad. Really really bad.

Getting ready to go on this trip has been stressing me out. I needed a few things before we went. Things like a camera, pants, shirts, underwear, shoes and a jacket. I have spent the last few weekends out with my buddy trying to find these items. They sound easy to get right?


First off it is summer. There are no jackets to be had right now. So I ended up with two hoodies and I have ordered a rain resistant coat from the net. I did get a pretty darn good camera at Costco though. Shirts…. Shirts are no problem. Undies… not a problem. The problem is pants and shoes.

I cannot tell you how many times I have looked for pants and shoes. Due to the fact that I am short and semi round *snort (read that as chubby) I cannot for the life of me find pants that fit. LONG pants that is. I have found plenty of capris. But if I am going to freeze to death in Alaska I need to have long pants. Especially for the salmon fishing excursion we are going on. (The honey’s dream. Fishing in Alaska)

The problem I keep coming up with in regards to pants is the fact that they are about 2 feet to long. Not only that but it is like some power that be has decided that petite (aka short) people must be twigs. So the pants in the petite section are all super skinny. Even the large sizes. What in the hell is up with that? How can I fit into a particular size in woman’s but I grab that same size in petites and it won’t go past my thighs? VERY Frustrating.

Last weekend we went to the mall to find shoes and pants. We get about half way through and the fire alarm goes off and the mall shuts down and we have to leave. So then we get in the car and go to target and while we are in there the power goes off. UNREAL. This is how my pants and shoe hunting has gone. So now I have about 3 weeks left and I am beginning to freak out a bit.

Oh I did find a pair of pants that did fit. Length, legs and everything. The problem was this. (This is not me by the way)

See it? WTF did they build the pants to look like that? Who wants their crotch on point like that? Hell they might as well make that part of the pants neon pink or yellow or something Jeez….

Someday soon I hope to get some pants. And I think I have decided to get some vans. Easy shoes that I will spray with waterproofing stuff.

Next up after my cruise is a Green Day Concert!!!! WOO HOO

I can’t even tell you how excited I am about this. For some reason I find their music very sexy and fun. The newest album is damn good. American Idiot was pretty darn good.

Last thing I have planned is a Metallica concert!!! Very excited about this one too. To bad this one is in December UGH

So yes as you can see I do have a lot to look forward too!!! Gotta look for the good in life too.


  1. i hate shopping for pants too. women have legs - not sticks. quit trying to sell us pants for stick insects!!

    :D for your cruise and all your concerts. my sister is going to the AI concert in NC this summer. she's going with a group of her teacher friend and they're making signs that say "kougars for kris"

  2. You have a crap load to look forward to!! Me? Not so much.