Friday, July 17, 2009

Sometimes life just sucks

Well I have had time to adjust to the idea of no longer having a job. And you know what? It sucks bad. I knew the company was slow. After all it was in the construction field but in no way was I expecting to be laid off.

We had a weekly meeting and as I grabbed my pen to go my boss called me into his office. He gave me the flower speech about how it wasn’t due to my performance but due to the economy. He had me sign papers and made sure to point out that I was on the call back list. Like that is going to happen. I figure that is just their way of making themselves feel better. He handed me my last paycheck and a check for the vacation and sent me off to pack my room.

This company has been my job for 2 years and 11 months. The people are like family there. This is the first time I ever LOVED my job. To say this hurt is an understatement.

So now I am pretty well screwed. I live in California and let me tell you something. The job market in the bay area sucks. In fact I did a quick search just to see what was out there for when I get home from my cruise (oh way to totally enjoy a vacation right?) and I found one job. One…. And it was in Utah and I had narrowed my search down to my city.

I am totally frightened and really rather bummed out. The honey has been out of work since November of last year. I really am not in the mood to starve to death you know. UGH. However, he is going on his first interview since November today so cross your fingers people ok.

Today I get the stitches out of my mouth. And I get to make two memorial boards for my uncle for the wake tomorrow. At least now I have time.

I need not to dwell on all the shitty crap that has happened in the last few weeks and start thinking of the positive. The problem is I can’t think of any positives.

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  1. I'm so sorry. I live in the Bay Area too and times are very rough. I wish you luck and fortitude.