Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tiny bites

I can't for the life of me find that dang list of blogs I wanted to do. In fact since my grandmother left I can't seem to find any paperwork that I wrote notes on. It is making me insane since I am a psycho note maker.
I know the little piles of paper probably drove my grandmother nutso but I am going nutso without the piles SHEESH!!!

I have decided that the Lost finale was like a brand new bottle of wine you have never tasted before.
The first sip you wonder was that a bit bitter? Did it go down wrong? I can't believe I am not sure if I like this or not.....
The second sip however... you realize how good the wine actually is. That it is actually a perfect bottle. That it was exactly what you didn't know you wanted.
I all ready miss Lost.
Yesterday was strange. I walked around in a kind of fog. Pretty sad actually. It took me a while to realize that I was grieving people I never met, who weren't real. But I was. I lived with these people for 6 years on my friend the tv. It was almost like losing family members... I KNOW!!! Weird right?

I have to admit it. I am fully addicted to a game on facebook. Treasure madness. I am currently on 217. I KNOW! Now is when I try to addict you lol.
Here is the blurb about the game. (stolen from elsewhere)
Treasure Madness offers up an interesting mashup of map exploration and mini-games. As the name suggests this game is all about accumulating treasure, and like any good treasure you’re going to need to dig for it. A seemingly endless supply of treasure maps are available with each of these maps being made up of so many diggable squares. Using your shovel you’ll dig in each of these squares and uncover either a mini-game, a chest full of gold, a tasty treat, or an empty hole full of disappointment.

The mini-games borrow liberally from a number of other games, providing quick minute of games like Tetris, Memory, Bejeweled and Pachinko. After all – the mini-games are really just a means to an end, and we just want to get our hands on that sweet sweet treasure.

Successfully completing a mini-game will award you with the artifact that was buried alongside it. The game seems to be a bottomless well of cool and unique artifact's, but what you’ll instantly take note of is how each of these artifacts belongs to a set. Collect all 5 artifact's in the set and you can cash them in for a top notch bonus.

Trying to build sets becomes to main objective of Treasure Madness, but there’s a great deal of gameplay that will help you to get there. Buying and exploring different maps, acquiring the right tools to dig in the right circumstances, and tackling a variety of mini-games should be enough to keep anyone entertained. But Treasure Madness also has a unique social element that puts a fantastic twist on the generic gifting you’ll see in other Facebook fare. Instead of gifting decorative items that serve no real purpose, you’ll be able to gift any of the artifacts that you’ve uncovered to help your friends complete their collections. How will you know what they need? Every player can create a wishlist to let their friends know what they’re on the hunt for. It’s a great touch and an excellent way to give social gift-giving in games a real sense of purpose.


I used to play Farmville and a few others but this game is pretty much the only one I have really stuck with. I think it keeps my brain sharp. And the higher up in levels you go the more time you have to play. In the beginning you don't have so much time. I think that probably frustrates some people into not playing anymore. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE this game lol

I still have no job prospects. What else is new right lol.

I spent most of the weekend planting flowers along the new fence. Something about having a brand new beautiful fence made me want to make it look more beautiful.

Ok. It is garbage day.... and I need to dig a little on my game *blushes.... So more tomorrow!!!


  1. I totally get grieving for a TV show. I was not into Lost, but there have been other shows that I miss. Until they are on in Reruns!

  2. I cannot stand those games on Facebook. It drives me crazy! But it doesn't stop me from bursting bubbles in bubblebusters or something.

    I was so sad when Friends ended. I grieved for that show for a long time. And I loved to watch Ghost Whisperer, I grieved when they killed Jim. This past year hasn't been the same, and now they're pulling the plug on the show.