Thursday, May 27, 2010

I think they should bring back the hut.

The menstrual hut that is. My buddies and I always crack jokes around the time we get our period. Gotta go in the hut.
Have you heard of them?
Many different civilizations used to (some still do) utilize things called the menstrual huts. See, bleeding was thought of a bad. Taboo. Women who were bleeding were not to be touched or seen. Anything they touched needed to be burned because bad spirits went into them. On the other hand some menstrual huts were built out of respect for the woman.
In either case when the woman went into the hut all her daily duties ended for that period. She could take knitting or what ever she wanted to do into the hut. Food was prepared and brought to her. She could choose to do something or choose to do nothing.

Think about that for a second. Apply it to now.

Imagine that for 3 days or 8 days or however long your period (if you are female) lasts you get to go away from all of everyday problems.
At that first sign you drive to the beach (don't mind me my hut will be on the beach.... or in the middle of a forest by a river....)
So you drive to the hut. Either there are other women there or it is empty. At the doorway you leave everything behind. You don't have to worry about bills. Or cooking or cleaning.
You help yourself to the chocolate in the bowls scattered around... or the salted nuts....Or ice cream.
You can read or watch tv or play on the internet.
Someone brings you freshly made breakfast, lunch and dinner.
There are fresh flowers all around.
Fuzzy blankets and lots of midol.
When you are done you drive home and wait until the next time.
Wouldn't that make a period something you almost look forward to?

So I say yes!! Bring back the hut!!! I don't need it yet but when I do... I would love to have one to go to.

By the way last night I took a stupid sleeping pill.. and you know what? I still couldn't freaking sleep and I woke up around 45 minutes earlier UGH


  1. I'm all about bringin' back the hut. Have you read The Red Tent? Awesome book. Also Mysteries of the Dark Moon Goddesses by Demetra George. Both are about menstruation (amonth other things.)

  2. I could go for a hut. Except I don't want my hut inhabited by other crabby women. LoL Just me and nature and nothing else. On a beach is where it should be located. And massages by the ocean every evening...

    Ahhh the hut.

  3. The hut is a very good idea. I also think that there should be government mandated paid day offs for women only. Give something to women to have an advantage over men in the workplace!!!

  4. Yes! Paid days off and a hut on the beach. Awesome idea.

  5. I love this idea! But like Heather, I'd want my own hut! lol Sorry to hear the sleeping problems are still around. I know its frustrating.