Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Was it a scam?

So yesterday like normal I sent out what seems like a million resumes. But low and behold a hour later the phone rings. It is a answer to one of the resumes I sent out.
I talk to this guy for around 5 minutes and he asks me for the phone numbers for my references and gives me his website to visit. I couldn't find the reference paper so I asked if I could call him back. He said sure.
So I peek at his website. It is for a temp agency I have never heard of. A really simple web page actually.
I find the reference paper and call him back to give him the phone numbers. It is at this point I find out that the job ends in December.
Hmmm a temp job that ends in December. I guess it is better then no job right?
Then he tells me to fax over my social security card and drivers license. We get off the phone.

Well I walked around the house almost excited but a little wary. The more I thought about it the more wary I got. The only thing I know about this company is what this random man on the phone told me. The simple website. And they want me to just fax over my personal identification. Without asking to meet me?
The more I thought about it the more uneasy I got.

Yes.... I need a job. Badly.

But not badly enough to send personal information like that just willy nilly.
So I didn't send it.
The guy hasn't called me today either.

I think I may have dodged a bullet.... maybe.

I wonder how many people would just send that over without thinking about it.


  1. THANK GOD you did not fax your info over!!! You do not do that unless you're meeting IN PERSON with the HR person.

    How scary.

  2. No you were wise. The only time they need your social security and driver's license is usually after you've been offered the job and you are sitting in HR filling out paperwork.

  3. Agreeing with what the others have said. I feel you DID dodge a bullet. Phew!

  4. That is such a shame though. To hit someone when they are down. That asshole, getting your hopes up. Good for you, I don't know if I would have thought that fast on my feet. No worries, good things are coming yoru way.

  5. I wouldn't have sent my info either. You just never know these days.

  6. You did the right thing! What a scam!