Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What do you do about something like this!

This is a sinkhole that opened up in Guatemala. They are estimating it to be over 30 stories deep.
It has all ready eaten a three story building and a house. And as you can see it is right in the middle of town.
Do you try to fill that up? How the hell much stuff would you have to put in there before it got full? Do you leave it alone? If you do does it eat the neighborhood one building at a time as it gets bigger. And it sure looks like it would get bigger.
If you work in the building next to the sinkhole do you continue to go to work? Do you work in fear of being swallowed?
Do you build some kind of concrete cover for it knowing that the ground underneath is gone? Could be eroding as you stand there.

I find it incredibly interesting that these extremely large sinkholes seem to be popping up everywhere.


  1. Is that for real!?!? OMG. I'd pack up and move far, far away.....

  2. Maybe build a bridge over it.... But I wouldn't be going anywhere NEAR it! Scary

  3. That freaks me out. At first I thought it was one of those expert paintings... to make it look like that. 30 stories deep? WHAT is at the bottom? I'd go exploring!!!

    Somebody must have wished that they had a hole they could disappear in. There it is.

  4. Ever see Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer?


    Personally, I think that sink whole is a gift! They can haul all the trash from all the landfills in the area and dump them down there to fill that sucker up. Plus, it might be a portal to Hell, and they can just keep dumping the worlds garbage down there and just incinerate it!

    Perfect solution!

    Or not....