Thursday, June 24, 2010

So you think you can dance and rocks

I moved rocks all day long so I am wiped out but I wanted to post this even if it is late.

Kat looks much better this week. Her hair is nice. The dress is sort of cute... a little potato sack with a strange bottom but better.

Christina (tango girl) - paso doble - I really liked the dance. it was passion filled, exciting. I liked the jumps and roll all over the floor moments. I think that she did a really good job.

Adechike - contemporary - It was pretty. Really smooth and slinky and pretty. I am a little worried that people have to to tell him over and over again to smile. It seemed as he danced he would have a moment of OH smile! Then the smile would disappear. He needs more personality.

Alex (perfect boy #1) - Broadway - At the beginning of the piece all I could do was watch her. Then he kicked and his foot went above his head. He became the focal point then. I don't feel as though this really showed him off to his advantage but it was a lot of fun to watch. And man that guy dances beautifully.

Ashley - Jazz - Wow the man she is dancing with has one hell of a yummy tummy... ahem... This dance is very sexy but it doesn't look like Jazz at all. It isn't upbeat. There was this one jump where she jumped into his arms and he flipped her upside down which was INCREDIBLE>

Billy (perfect boy #2) - Krump - Oh boy this could be bad! I cannot believe it. He pulled it off. He looked good and tight. They totally matched. I think it was pretty damn good. Hmmm the judges hated it.

Robert (big mouth) - Argentine tango - Wow he has a nice heiny right? He does look a bit nervous while dancing. It was pretty good but kind of slow. I do wish that kind of mans pants would come back. They wore them in the pioneer days too and they really show off a mans .... assets. Ok that whole puking gag thing made me want to puke and reminded me why I don't like this guy.

Melinda (tap girl) - Contemporary - Her costume is totally distracting. Well that ended before I felt like it should. It was very abrupt. Wow I always seem to agree with Mia. Mother Earth dance.. Please.

Jose (b boy) - Bollywood - This could be awful. Bollywood isn't one of my favorite dances. That was pretty good but some weird stuff with the hands. But that smile lights up the whole world doesn't it?

Lauren (happy girl) - Lyrical hip hop - Ok totally didn't get abusive relationship from that. It was a nice dance though and interesting to watch.

Kent (farm boy) - Jazz - Wow farm boy is growing up fast isn't he. I bet this is more then he has ever had to handle in his life. I found that totally smoking hot. I was worried the table was going to break. ok.. the judges don't agree with me that it was smoking hot. To bad.

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