Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tale of the toilet part 2

So let me finish yesterdays story.

The water was a inch deep. The bathroom rug was completely underwater. I walked into (YES EWWW) the water to turn off the water main and it still kept flowing. By now I am freaking out. I grab more towels (again EWWW) and put them in front of the doorway. See the hallway is pergo while the bathroom is tile. So flood away bathroom just don't come out in the hallway.
About the time I was going to lose my mind the water stopped flowing. I stood there just staring and wondering what in the hell do I do now. I have a bathroom that has over a inch of standing water in it. So I grabbed my mop and a bucket.
It was at this point I saw that the garage sink was filled with black goo too. So
I started sucking up the water in the bathroom with my mop. Suck suck suck, empty bucket, suck suck suck , empty bucket. Over and over and over again. It took a hell of a long time and I was sweaty and filthy.
I called the honey and told him what had happened. He told me to call a plumber. So I did.
While waiting I finished sucking the water off the floor. I noticed that the sink, toilet and tub were filled with the black goo. Which of course means the kitchen sink would be too.
At this point I felt like crying.
The plumber finally arrived. (9:58am) After figuring out what he thought was the problem he started to try to remove a plug from a drain under my sink. (not a clog but a actual drain plug.) It was stuck. He tried and tried and tried to get the plug off. It wouldn't come. So he called in back up. Two more plumbers come.(1:13 pm) They pound away with hammers. Then bring out freaking power tools and cut off the plug. The whole time I am standing there thinking CRAP. It had now been about 3 hours I think.
Those two leave after breaking the plug and leaving a gapping hole in the pipe under my sink. My first guy runs a snake and it gets stuck. He tries again and again and again. It won't go anywhere.
In the meantime the honey keeps calling me. He is getting increasing pissed off. I am frazzled. I can't pee. I am covered in ewwww. I am tired from lack of sleep.
Then the plumber turns to me and says I can't do it. So are you going to pay me?
What? Wait! You can't fix it and you are going to leave? Now?

I lost it. I was so nice all day. I was mellow. But when the plumber said he couldn't fix it and was I going to pay him.... I lost it.

It is kind of blurry... I remember standing in the kitchen pointing at the sink and yelling. Is it fixed? Can I go to the bathroom without it over flowing? You want me to pay you and it is the exact same as when you came except for THE GIANT HOLE UNDER MY SINK.

He said he understood and I could just pay him half.
*snort. RIGHT
So the 4th plumber arrived. (2:49pm)
He came in with some kind of fancy snake thing. He set himself up in my kitchen and proceeded to snake the pipe. His worked and he left to get a new plug for the drain. The original plumber starts putting back together my kitchen sink. Only he can't. Because now it leaks. Bad. So when plumber #4 comes back Plumber #1 explains the problem. Plumber#4 replaces the brand new plastic pipe that the honey had installed to replace the metal pipe that he hated around 4 months ago with a metal pipe.
At this point I didn't care. My sinks and tub and bathroom are still coated in goo. I still haven't been able to go to the bathroom.
(4:45pm) The honey pulls up just as the plumbers were finally dragging the last of their stuff out the door. He of course sits outside talking shop with them.

me... I walked the house to see what needed to be done now that I had water. The first thing was clean up all the black goo and dirt from the cupboards under my kitchen sink. The second was replace all of the stuff that I removed from under the sink. The third was clean up all the black goo in the garage, the bathroom and the kitchen.
But the first thing. WASH MY HANDS!!!! And Pee!!!! And then wash my hands another 20 some odd times.
The honey walked in and asked if we were going to eat dinner. Let's just say I almost killed him on the spot and I am pretty damn sure a jury would have let me off lol.
I spent the remainder of the evening cleaning with bleach. And today... I am going back over everything with bleach.
FUN STUFF right?


  1. I am so not envious of you right now.

  2. girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, you need a stiff drink and a hot man to wait on you hand and foot with refills of vicodin.


  3. Oh my hell. Oh my hell. What else is there to say?????

  4. It sounds like someone needed a refresher course in the school of plumbing. I hope all is well now!

  5. EWE! That's horrible. But its all fixed and cleaned up now. yuck!

  6. You should have killed him over the "what's for dinner". I'll get bail money somehow.