Thursday, June 3, 2010

WTF is wrong with people


People seem to have lost all manners. They have lost the meaning of what is considered rude.

Here are just a few examples that have happened in the last couple of days.

Today I decided I get a treat. I was going to go buy a McDonald's hamburger. mmmmmm..... I haven't had one of those in a really really long time. So I hope in my car and drive to the closest drive through. As I pull up I see that the line (which is going away from me) is pretty long. So I drive through the parking lot and turn around so I am facing the right way and get into line.
I am about 6 cars back. No big deal right. After all this is my treat.
So I am sitting there waiting when another car comes from the direction I had just driven into the parking lot. But instead of driving around and getting in line this woman pulls along side the car in the front of the line and waits. Now there is no way in hell she didn't see the line. But regardless of the other cars waiting she deemed herself more important.
She actually shoves her car in front of the second car in line. If that car hadn't stopped she would have hit him.
I have to ask you... Was this ok? I mean because she was faced the opposite way as the line did the line not matter for her? Seriously WTF.

A few days ago we went to Costco. We loaded up the basket and headed towards the long lines. We are about 4th or 5th in line. No big deal after all when you go to costco you expect two things. A full basket that is going to cost you more then a hundred bucks and a long line right?
So the guy at the head of the line unloads his cart on the conveyor. The check out guy rings up his stuff and tells him how much it is. At this point he starts looking around and yelling for Mary.
Ok the wife must have the money right?
About three minutes later here comes Mary with a giant cart filled to the top with stuff.
The guy then proceeds to hand the cashier each item in her cart.
Every person in the line was in shock. Now I can understand having two carts. Not a big deal. But to hold up an entire line to do your friends order after yours is complete when she wasn't even in line? Not freaking cool.
People were angry. Hell I was angry. Seriously WTF.

My grocery store has wonderful sweet people who work there. They remember your name. They remember details about previous conversations. They actually like their jobs. The woman in front of me the other day was yabbing on her cell phone.
The grocery clerk said hello and started to ring her up. She actually turned her back to her and continued to talk. And talk. AND TALK.
The grocery store clerk told her how much it was.
Talk talk talk.
She told her again.
Talk talk talk.. with her back to her.
The third time I actually got pissed. I tapped the lady and told her that she was done and maybe she could deal with what she was doing before she talked anymore.
Without a word to me or the clerk but plenty more to her phone she paid and left.
Seriously WTF

I hate that we live like this. That some people are so full of themselves that they feel they can get away with shit like that.
What is wrong with these people? Are they really that blind? Have we really created a society where it is ok to be an ass? UGH


  1. Unbelievable, agreed. People have absolutely no boundries anymore. Manners are completely gone out the window.

  2. I agree completely. What makes them so special that they can't wait in line?

  3. I agree to the fullest. I almost went homicidal at Disney when people kept PUSHING my 5 year old daughter around and snapping at her to move. People are horrible and that is why I live in the country. lol