Monday, June 21, 2010


These past few days have been so hectic. What with the plumbing problems, my dad's visit and now my brother coming. That is a whole other story in itself by the way.

Since that one is shorter I guess I will post that and then later this week post about my dad's visit. See I am waiting on the second tree guy to come for his appointment. We need to remove a tree out front. A 40 to 50 foot tall pine tree that is of course dying. UGH. The first quote almost made me sick. Over two thousand dollars. Hopefully the next few people aren't quite so expensive.

Anywhooooo back to the brother story.

My grandmother and I were talking on the phone one night a few days ago and she asks me if I am going to my brothers birthday party. I say what birthday party and she says my mother is having a party for him on Sunday. (Yesterday) I told my grandmother I hadn't heard a word about it but I would wait to be invited.
No one ever called me. So I decided screw it. I am not going. I was kind of irked since no one invited me and my mother had never thrown me a birthday party. I know boo hoo right lol
Anyway The night before the party at 9:30 at night my brother calls me on the phone. I answered with hair dripping from the shower in my pajamas He says they arrived (from out of state) that day and they were driving around and thinking of going out to dinner at Koyoto Palace. (Expensive place) How about they pick me up and I can pay for their dinner for his birthday. I told him that I had just gotten out of the shower, that it was late and that the honey was sick. So no. He then tells me he is down the street and coming over.
I again said I just got out of the shower, the honey is in bed and it is late.
He pulls up out front as I am on the phone with him. So I go outside and after hugs of hello he says he isn't staying because they are hungry but how about I give him some cash for dinner. I tell him no. I have no cash. I don't ever carry cash I only use my atm card. He then proceeds to invite me to his birthday party and tells me that I need to bring him a present. Then he tells me that I need to take him and his wife to the movies on his actual birthday and pay for it. He hops back in the car and waves goodbye and leaves.
Now don't get my wrong... I love my brother but UGH.
So that night I had a really rough time sleeping as you can imagine. I tossed and turned and fought with myself. There was half of me that wanted to go to my brothers birthday party but the other half of me was hurt, irritated and just plain disgusted and didn't want to go.
The next day I decided no. I refuse to be told at 9:30 at night about a party the next day and be ordered to bring a birthday present. I decided I would however pay for the movies on Tuesday as his gift.
So I call him around 1pm (the party is at 4) I tell him I am not going. I tell him the honey is still sick. And then I tell him that I will pay for the movies on Tuesday. (tomorrow) I remind him I am unemployed so we will be going to a matinee. He says to me... fine you can not come and you can take us to the movies but I like popcorn a soda and a hot dog when I go to the movies.
Sometimes I just don't know what to say......
Then he tells me that the best birthday present for a 40th birthday is a card with $40 in it given to him at the movie theater.
I didn't say a word. We hung up and tomorrow I guess I take his wife and him to the movies.
That night I call my mother's husband to wish him a happy father's day. She answers the phone. She asked me if I had been invited to the party. I said not until my brother invited me the night before. She then said she had wanted to invite me but wasn't sure how to do it since she had never thrown me a birthday party.
I don't know how I feel about that to be honest. On one hand it does show me that she knows on the other hand it still smarts.

So.. tomorrow I go to the movies with a brother who is going to hound me for money. Who doesn't hear that I don't have any. Who told me that "you get unemployment you have lots more money then I do so you should cough it up for your only brother"

Family is so much fun right?


  1. And it's crap like this and more that caused me to gleefully move far, far, far away.

  2. Do NOT buy him all that food or give him any money. Jerk.

  3. Wait, tell him you'll give him back the $40 he gave you on your birthday.

  4. What drama! And I would NOT be getting him food at the movie. He's got nerve telling you what you are going to do. Jerk!

  5. Speechless...

    Speech LESS....