Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's official. I am so freaking screwed. :(

So just now I called the unemployment office to see if I am eligible for a second extension as I have enough on this extension for one more check.
I'm not.
Because congress has not signed the bill allowing for more funds for unemployment. In fact they have missed two deadlines. Now I am not the only one in this boat. Anyone on an extension just had their unemployment cut off on June 12th. If it wasn't a federal extension they are shit out of luck. The money just stopped. If it was a federal extension they at least get to go to the end of the money allocated to it.
But what does that mean for me. That means in less then two weeks I will no longer have any money coming in. That means all bills will have to come out of my meager savings. I have a dentist appointment that is going to cost me $1,177 in less then a week.
That means I am completely screwed.
And terrified.
What happens when my savings run out?
It is not like I can look any harder for a job then I am right now. Just on Monday alone I applied for six jobs. It is not like I can make someone hire me.
I am truly trying to stay calm. I am trying to remain hopeful that sometime in the next two weeks congress signs the bill.
I know it is not going to happen though. I know I am well and truly screwed here.
Holy fuck I have no idea what the hell to do!

First things first though. I need to step back. Take some breaths. Try to center myself because this blind panic isn't helping anything. I need to take stock of exactly how much money I have in the bank and figure out to the penny how long it will last with my bills.
Holy shit I am panicking lol
Ok.. off to breathe.... then plan.


  1. I don't know how long you have been out of work nor do I know what kind of work you do or where you live but I truly hope something happens good for you and soon. You are def in my prayers!

  2. I have been out of work since late July of last year. Minus a three week job that I got where I worked myself out of a job. And I am a California girl. Silicon Valley actually.

  3. That sucks. I hope something works out for you soon. I know this is stressful stuff!

  4. BREATHE! Oh my, I cannot imagine the scary place you are in. I wish there was something I could do to help. Fingers crossed for congress to do something to help ASAP!