Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tiny bites to get my mind in order and my blog flowing

I don't know what is up with me. I can't seem to get in the flow lately. I walk around telling myself that I need to blog yet when I sit at the computer I end up doing everything else but blog lol.

My dogs are funny eaters. They take a bite of food then walk around and later come back and take another bite. This means the bowl stays pretty full all day. However, I decided they needed a different flavor. (I do this once in a while) Only this time I bought IAMS in the red bag. I had never bought it before but I hoped they would like it. Well... they seem to like it to much. In fact I have taken to calling it doggie crack. I fill the bowl and within 20 minutes the bowl is empty. They freaking LOVE it. Part of me is happy they like it so much while the other part of me is wondering if them liking it to much is a problem.

Somehow within the last week I have tweaked my shoulder. Tweaked it to the point I have a problem lifting anything with that arm. Thankfully it is my non dominant arm but still. It freaking hurts. I have no idea what I did to it but I sure wish it would go back to normal.

I need to make a appointment to get my boobs squished. I am completely procrastinating. I also need to make an appointment to find out why one of my ears is still hearing that damn wooshing heartbeat sound. It hasn't been the same since I had that double ear infection. And I still can't hear right. To the point the honey tells me I am talking to loud.

Within the last few weeks I have had some crazy dreams.
Dream #1
A friend of mine owned a huge HUGE house that was falling apart. She had inherited it. It was so crooked that if you put a ball on the floor it instantly went to the one side of the house. It was hard to walk through it. She considered it a lost cause (it was) so a group of us were all going through it to see what we could salvage. There were at least a hundred rooms with strange themes. One was a black and white checkerboard with about 30 pillars and black and white dice the size of watermelons. Others were plain with just a mattress on the floor. There were statues and normal stuff in all kinds of room. My friend was just going to let it fall down since it was mostly bank owned and way to damaged to fix.
We all gathered in a room to determine the best way to remove stuff without dying. From another room came a moan and there was suddenly a...... um.... man thing with some kind of cloak and bare chest standing in a hallway. It was not friendly. Some of my friends said it was a ghost so I went over and reached through the doorway to see and it grabbed me.
That is when I woke up.

Dream #2
First I had a baby.. well not had it.. but I had one with me. I needed diapers so someones uncle said they would take me while someone else watched the baby. However 5 minutes into the drive I realized he was drunk off his ass. He slammed us through a plate glass store front going pretty damn fast. I remember looking at him while I was covered in blood, he laughed and put the car in reverse to leave.
(dream switched)
The honey and I and another woman got in a huge fight in San Francisco. I got out of the truck to yell and He and the woman left me there. With bare feet and no purse. During some kind of city wide rave thing. Blinking lights everywhere.
I wandered around trying to find a phone so I could call Sazy to come get me. I finally was able to borrow a cell phone from a guy only to realize I had no idea what sazy's phone number was without my phone. I remembered my uncles phone number and it took almost 20 minutes of crying and yelling for him to believe me and say he would come get me. I thanked the cell phone guy... walked outside and as I stood there alone waiting for my uncle I ended up about as tall as the mothra girls.
That is when I woke up.

I have no idea what is going on with these dreams.

This job hunting SUCKS. And the media is not helping my piece of mind at all. Yesterday I read a article on how after 6 months your chances of landing a job drop by 48%. Ummm.... I am almost at a year here. This extension runs out in two checks. I am hopeful that I will get another extension but I would much much much rather get another job. I am beginning to grow moss. I am beginning to feel useless too.

A friend of mine is getting married in Lake Tahoe in August. I love Tahoe so going is not a problem. The problem is it is on a Sunday at 4pm. Tahoe is a four and half hour drive from my house. So if the honey is going to go he either needs to take Monday off or we need to drive home in the dark for 4 1/2 hours. Something I know he will not want to do.

The other day I purchased some books for my kindle. I started reading one of the books and realized I had pretty much purchased a soft core male on male porn novel. But can I tell you something? That book was FREAKING HOT as hell. It was so good that I bought a second one with the same type of story from the same author.
*fans self. Whoooo weeeee that book was smoking.

Ok. It is garbage day again. (everyone don't get so excited now) So I am off to the store to buy kitty litter and the makings of dinner. Then it is doggie bath time, laundry time, garbage removal time, and blah blah blah lol


  1. Those were weird dreams!!! When you said a male thing... I thought you were talking about a penis in a cloak. Uhm.

  2. ummmmm, you best post the name of that hot book girl!

  3. The book was by Joely Skye and called Feral

  4. I feel like I just hopped on the random express and I LOVED it. I'm really diggin the strange random dreams. I love strange random dreams. Especially if they have hot guys doing the nasty in them, but not with each other with me. But only if they do the nasty without touching me cuz I'm hormonal...

  5. Don't beat yourself up over blogging. Take a break if you have too. It will come back. Weird dreams but at least you are sleeping again! I love the random posts!