Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And here comes my Dad....and Deadliest Catch

So my father and his wife are coming to visit me tomorrow. They just called to say they will be staying two days instead of one. I have no idea what the hell we are going to do!
Now don't get my wrong I love my dad but I don't spend a lot of time with him. In fact this will be the most time I have spent with him....ever I think. My mother and father divorced when I was around 3 and I ended up with my mother. I generally saw dad on holidays. In fact that is pretty much the only time I see him to this day. I have lived in this house for going on twenty years. This is the first visit he has made.
So what the hell are we going to talk about? What are we going to do? Are we going to be bored to death or will everything be fine? I just don't know.
I feel like an ass thinking like this. I should be all excited but instead I am a bit Leary.
I am spending today cleaning the rest of the house and washing the bedding in the spare room. It feels like all I have done for the past few days is clean. I am tired of cleaning.

Last night I watched Deadliest Catch. As I posted before I have no freaking clue how I started watching a reality tv show about Alaskan crab fishermen but I did. And I have been watching it for years and years now. For some reason I really really like it too. During the off season one of the captains died. Captain Phil. So this entire season has been hard to watch. Seeing him so alive and working so hard and waiting for the fall of a great man. See it has been said he told the Discovery channel to film all of it. The stroke, the hospital, and his death aftermath. He said it was reality and so they should show the reality of life. I know that next weeks show is his stroke.
Anyway, last night he started to get woozy. His vision blurred. And I sat there with tears in my eyes thinking oh crap oh crap. He walked downstairs to get some pain medication and busted his son stealing some of it. The next few minutes was some of the most heart wrenching stuff I have ever seen. He yelled and screamed at his son. Called him a thief and a liar. Told him he wanted him out of his life.
The only thing I kept thinking was oh crap this kid and his father are having a monster fight right before he died.
Then the son kept talking about being sick and he needed the medication. Phil said something doesn't add up why are you so sick. Jake (the son) then leans in super close to his dad and says.. "I'm a addict"
That was the end of the show.
It set me back. I mean holy crap. They didn't know at the time that Phil was about to die but I do. All I could do was sit there thinking My God that poor kid is about to go through more hell then just being a addict. He is going to go through his life thinking this fight killed his dad.

And yes... I get WAY TOO involved in my tv!

Speaking of which I hope I have time to post my review for SYTYCD tomorrow before my father gets here lol.


  1. My husband is an AVID watcher of Deadliest Catch and I've been known to park it next to him once in a blue moon to watch so I know all the characters and Captain Phil was ALWAYS my favorite. When we heard he died, we were all so upset. I heard about last night's episode (I didn't watch it) and my hubby described it exactly as you.

    So sad.

  2. Enjoy your visit with your dad! And you HAVE been cleaning for the past week! Poor thing! I DVR Deadliest Catch and haven't watched this weeks episode.