Monday, June 28, 2010

More Pictures take two....

Ok don't forget you need to click the pictures to see the whole thing.

A giant Buddha

sitting on a thousand tiny buddhas....

I found what I decided needed to be my next boyfriend.

As you can see... I REALLY REALLY like him.

You ever see something and want it so bad you can taste it. That is how I felt about this book made with bark pages. I coveted this book so bad.

Why yes... we do seem to have a facination with male parts and pieces....

You know... Sazy and I do have the best time. We laugh our asses off at each other.

More Rodin....

Two Roman marble pieces...

We had a bit of fun in the native american section.

Next we went into the contemporary art section. It is interesting to look at but it is just not my or Sazy's thing. I mean seriously how is a circle of rocks in the middle of the floor art?

Then we stepped outside again into the death heat and took these pictures.

There was so much more. We made a security guard laugh. There was a cute baby holding his feet and giggling his little heart out. There was a hot dog that both of us swear couldn't have possibly been meat.
The day was something I needed more then I knew. Something that took down my stress level a notch.
Tomorrow I will post my garden... unless I get a wild hair then look for post three lol


  1. You make me want to go to a museum now!

  2. Wow, the pictures taken long ways fit and the normal pictures are too wide. Now I know how to size them properly.

    And I found another museum. :D

  3. Very cool! So glad you have someone to be silly with!