Thursday, July 1, 2010

My garden pictures plus SYTYCD plus Deadliest Catch

Well I had a monthly visitor come visit yesterday. I notice that a day or three before and during I just don't have the right attitude to post lol.
First is my review of So you think you can dance. Then garden pictures...

Kat - Loved the dress

Adechike - Hip hop - That was totally fun to watch. I enjoyed the whole partial strip thing. He finally had a real smile. It was nice.

Ashley - contemporary - This no backbone dance is pretty incredible. It was beautiful and very flowy.

Billy -SOLO - Those red pants have got to go. The man is bendy like gumby. His leg moves are stunning.

Robert - Jazz - Holy cow he looked incredibly sexy with his dark hair and guyliner. woooooo hoooo... and I don't even like the guy lol. That totally didn't look like jazz though.

Jose - SOLO - This isn't my favorite style but how fast can that kid spin on his head!

Melinda - Salsa - The whole foot stuck removal moment took me out of the dance and made me watch it with a critical eye. There was no chemistry at all. And she kept throwing out these funny fake smiles that turned me off.

Kent -SOLO - The kid is just pure joy isn't he.

Alex - SOLO- This guy is flat out incredible. Although... were there pampers in his pants?

Lauren - Broadway - It completely reminded me of old school actresses. I really enjoyed it even though the chemistry was wrong. HOLY COW wardrobe malfunction!! She was brave to continue dancing like that. Live.

Ashley - SOLO - Those leather tight underwear things she was wearing totally distracted me from watching her dance.

Billy - Contemporary - The kids legs are wonderful. I enjoyed the dance a lot. Funny... I didn't see a disconnect like the judges did.

Robert - SOLO - The solo was good. It looked smooth and fun.

Jose - Samba - A little bit stiff. No chemistry there. It looked like it was hard for him. He does smile cute though lol

Melinda - SOLO - Blick, didn't match the music. I am ready for her to go home now.

Kent - Jazz - The whole open mouth fish face is not good. The kid is not a man yet they keep casting him as some Casanova. It doesn't work for him. So it makes him look like he can't dance. And he can.

Adechike - SOLO - This guy has a beautiful chest and his solo was incredible.

Lauren - SOLO - The music made the solo boring.

Alex - Hip Hop - LOVED IT. High energy. Would never have known that wasn't his style. INCREDIBLE!! He totally nailed that.

I had a tree that we thought was dying. Turns out it hated the rocks that were around the base. So we removed them and it just screamed out "I need something" so I put these in.

This is the patio in my backyard. I have created a little cave like area surrounded by flowers that separates us off from the lawn. Like our own little oasis.

Along the new fence I put these.

That pink flower I looked for for the last two years. I forgot to get its name off the bucket it came in before it was tossed. Anyone know? And those blue flowers...never again. You water them and they go flat on the ground for a long time.

I just created these hanging baskets so they aren't full and flowy yet. The honey made me the stakes. He looked at me crazy when I said I didn't want them the same height. I think they look better this way. (Click picture)

This goes all the way down the back of the house. I spent almost two months getting rid of the weeds before putting the bark down. As you can see I got two of the flowers I had been looking for lol. That rose bush behind it.... it is over 20 years old and still flowers with beautiful purple flowers regardless of it's raggedy look. Our tomato plants are next to it.

Here is the side of the house I filled with rocks. I almost died doing this. We had put the rocks on the opposite side so I had to squat, lift, squat, put down... over and over and over again. For two days straight. Every piece of me was sore after that lol. The other side of that side yard is not complete. That is the next thing I am doing.

This is the next project after the other side yard. This is by the new fence we had put up. This has turned into a jungle. I need to remove all the plants. Dig out about 5 to 6 inches of dirt 3 feet wide all the way down so we can put in a cement walkway. UGH So not looking forward to that.

Deadliest Catch talk.....
Deadliest catch had me sitting there with tears running down my cheeks. I did pretty good until the other captains started finding out too. For some reason I really do like Keith and he really made me lose it.
The scene in the cabin with Josh making a decision was brutal. The scene between him and Freddy talking about him needing to take a trip to see his dad also made me cry. I am not sure why Freddy didn't go... or if he did.
The looks on each of the peoples faces was brutal. Deckhands and Captains alike. But I love the fact that they all worried about the boys. And these rough tough fisherman all took a moment to say I love you to each other.
And it was kind of Johnathan to go to the hospital postponing his vacation.
I am curious if they ever found Jake Anderson's father. Poor kid.


  1. I've been watching Deadliest Catch with the hubster and this week was definitely a heartbreaker. I have to say, it is upsetting me that they seem to be dragging out his illness and eventual death for ratings. I realize it's a show, but Christ, is it necessary? Everyone knows how it ends, does it have to be dragged on in 3 or 4 episodes for ratings? Anywho, it's horrible and I felt so sorry for his sons as well.

  2. Actually I have been watching this show since the very beginning. I think this has been done tastefully. Phil himself told them to tell the entire story.

  3. Your gardens look beautiful! I need to post pictures of my garden.

    I have been avoiding Deadliest Catch the past couple of weeks cause I know I will cry. Phil was my favorite captain.

  4. "I had to squat, lift, squat, put down... over and over and over again."

    And now you're ready for the Kung Fu competition?