Friday, July 9, 2010

Things to look forward to

I needed to remind myself that life is not all bad. I do have a few things planned that I am looking forward to.

This weekend I am going to a museum with my buddy Sazy. Tomorrow actually!!!! Look for pictures lol.

The 17th of this month is my yearly family reunion. It is fun seeing the whole family get together and play volley ball and eat and just plain old have fun.

July 23-26 The honey is gone. WOOT!!!!!!!! I plan on making this a beach weekend with Sazy. Maybe a bbq thrown in for the hell of it. It is so nice when he leaves sometimes lol.

August 8th my friend is getting married in Lake Tahoe. So I will be going up for the day to watch.

August 16th through August 20th I will be going to grandma's in Placerville with my buddy Sazy to watch the meteor shower, visit the lake, go through a mine, visit Coloma and see the gold rush museums. And generally just have a great time. (unless I get a job of course.)

August 21 I am going to a 60th birthday party for the honey's brother. Always a good time.

September 22 I am going to see Willie Nelson with my buddy Sazy. WOOT fan girl here I come lol.

December 6th I am going to go see Roger Waters do the entire Wall album live with the honey and Sazy. I am so freaking excited about this I could pee my pants lol.

So see.... things are going to happen that are fun. Life goes on regardless of how crappy it is at the moment.

And I wanted to share a job posting I came across today... think he wants a ready set of booty???
I am a young entreprenure looking for a personal assistant, I am tired of working 50-60hrs a week and still not caught up. I work in the Technology industry, I own a few businesses and I also work as a business consultant and project developer. This is an entry level position, not much expereience is required, I am sorry to all of the over qualified applicants, I am looking to find the right person to start at entry level pay around $10-$12hr for paid training (90days) then a few dollar raise . The position available would require scheduling, record keeping, time tracking, expense reports, AP/AR, other personal errands. Would be a great postion for a college student/intern as the schedule is very flexible. I do travel frequently so I would need additional help in San Jose when I am not here and from time to time I would request assistance as I travel, so some travel may be required. Please send a resume or bio that tells me who you are, what you are interested in, your goals and what you think you can do for me to give me back some of my time. A current picture would guarantee your reply gets my attention. Also, I am young and attractive, I do live a fun lifestyle, I am looking for someone independent, the reason I say this is I would be communicating with my assistant frequently and sometimes durring off hours as I manage projects durring night hours. I had an assistant a few years ago with a jealous boyfriend and I do not want to deal with that again. . .haha.


  1. I think he's looking for a paid whore! Wow, that's some big balls to post an ad like that.

  2. No!!! He is looking for a play thing!!!!

  3. Ewwww Icky job post! LOL
    I am SOOOOOOOO glad that you have some great stuff coming!


  4. so, are you applying for it?? ;)

    i think saz needs a blog!!

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