Monday, July 19, 2010

Been missing haven't I

I kept meaning to post. I even sat here with this blank screen several times. I just couldn't seem to pull off the energy to post something... anything. So I didn't.
I have been following the unemployment debacle. It amazes me how much I have learned about our congress and the way it works. It is no wonder it doesn't work. UGH.
This weekend I went to my family reunion. It was a lot of fun. The pictures though... not so much LMAO. I need to diet. Badly. The whole sit on your ass looking for work, playing on the internet, etc is not working for my ass. But then I saw one picture of my family.

In order, my brother, my mother, me and my step father. It looks like we ALL need to diet lol. DRAT click on the pictures.. sigh
At least we got a bit of exercise *snort

It is fun catching up on the family gossip. It is one thing when the phone line burns up with the latest news but a whole different thing when you sit there and actually talk.
Here is a bit of the family gossip.
One of my nephews.... wait... let me explain something..
My family has a weird naming thing.
Anyone within two clicks of you is either Aunt, Uncle, Niece or Nephew
Anyone way distant is cousin.
Anyone we adopt into the family (Like Sazy) become cousins.

Some examples...

My Real life late uncle David had a daughter Amanda. Amanda had a baby named Justice. That would in reality make him my cousin. However I am Auntie Jody and he is Nephew Justice. Just like I am Aunt Jody to Amanda and her brother Roy.
My late Grandma Mema had a sister. She is Aunt Annie.
See obviously she couldn't be Aunt but two clicks away lol
My Uncle Bob has a daughter Morgan. I would call her my Niece and she would call me Aunt.

Now...if you are so far distant cousin that we can't even figure out how we are related or we have adopted you into the family. (this can be anyone at all, and we all tend to do it) you become cousin. Sazy has been to three family reunions now. I fully 100% expect at the next one she will be introduced to someone as our cousin Marcy.

Or as Sazy puts it...It seems like anyone older than you is uncle and aunt, about the same age is a cousin and anyone younger is niece and nephew.

Ok.. back to the gossip.

One of my nephews joined the circus. YES!! I actually have a family member who ran away and joined the circus. Unbelievable. I wish I could find out exactly which circus and what he is doing. I guess I need to burn up the phone line.

One of my nephews turned out to be gay and became a hairstylist. Now I knew the kid was gay a thousand years ago. He and I talked about his coming out to his parents in the future and how hard it was going to be for him. We had a long talk while walking through the rose gardens (around 3 years ago) where I told him that his sexuality did not make him different from any of the rest of us. And that anyone who thought it did wasn't worth his time. I remember telling him that I love him and would kick the ass of anyone who looked sideways at him. Turns out some of his family had a hard time dealing. I asked his mother if just because he was gay did that mean he suddenly turned into someone else? She looked at me funny but I think she may have gotten the point. He didn't come this year since he had to work but I look forward to seeing him next year and giving him a hug for his courage.

Well there is more but you get the picture. Family is strange and wonderful and fun and frustrating.

This Friday a new member of the honey's family will be born. So a hospital visit is in order which means I have/get to buy a cute baby girl dress. I am looking forward to meeting Haley. :)

Saturday morning the honey leaves for a overnight camping/fishing trip. He shortened it to one day but Saturday is going to be bliss. SWEET BEACH BLISS. Today he calls me up and tells me that his sister is going to come over Saturday to visit. Before I could tell him Ummmm NO ME TIME MINE MINE MINE NO SISTER NO NO NO!!!! the phone buzzed and he hung up. Trust me on this.. I WILL NOT be visiting with his sister on Saturday. I have plans. I have had plans. I am not changing them to visit with someone who had a giant fight with me because I didn't clean under a garbage can in the kitchen when the honeys mom was in the hospital a thousand years ago. He will be set straight as soon as he gets home. Period.

Well tomorrow they are suppose to vote on the unemployment thing. Keep your fingers crossed for me ok.

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  1. Fingers and toes are crossed! I love family reunions for all the gossip too.