Wednesday, July 21, 2010

They passed it yesterday

I spent most of the day watching and waiting to see if they would pass the unemployment thing. They did. Finally. Now it needs to go to the senate and then the president. They expect it to be signed by Thursday.
Cross your fingers for me people. Having that cash would be helpful. VERY helpful.

But I have also decided something. After I get back from my "vacation" with Sazy at my grandmothers I am going to go find a retail job. Now I have not done retail since I was a teenager. But I figure any job is better then me sitting at home. I am so freaking tired of sitting at home. Hopefully it will be more then I get from unemployment but at this point for my sanity I need to get out of this house.

I was talking to my neighbor whose family has a temp agency. They posted a job for two days and got over one thousand resumes. ONE THOUSAND!!!
So my job finding still is not looking good. I don't even know if a retail type store would hire me. Or if they are even hiring for that matter.
I just know I need a damn job and looking every day and sending resume after resume is not getting me one.


  1. I think you are quite right to look for employment in other areas. I read somewhere that some companies are actually refusing to even look at resumes from people who are currently unemployed (what is the sense in that!!!). I'm glad they are extending your benefits - I know how worried you've been. I've got my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Great news. I hope that holds you over til you get a great new job. Take care friend.

  3. Good news! I hope they keep it moving forward!