Thursday, June 17, 2010

So you think you can more

Today my dad comes to visit. He is bringing his wife. I have to admit the closer it gets the more nervous I am getting lol. I am sure everything will be all right but...I am still nervous.
I have found myself walking around the house and yard making sure everything is as perfect as I can make it. I don't know why I feel that need. I don't judge people on what things look like. But I guess I feel people will judge me that way. Strange.

Sooooooo... SYTYCD review.
I love the fact that I know absolutely nothing about dance except what feels good to me and I am judging these peoples dances lol

AND yes I am a big nerd and took notes!!

First off Kat.. oh Kat (the announcer) what is up with that bun on top of your head. It looks kind of like the bride of Frankenstein. And pair that with a toga style dress.. It just didn't work sorry.

Billy - (one of the two perfect boys)- Jazz - Well first off I liked his hair a thousand times better then normal. He danced to footloose but it came off more as a teeny bopper Grease performance. Totally cutesy. I feel bad for him because he is one hell of a dancer but this totally didn't show him off at all.

Cristina (Salsa Girl) - contemporary by Sonya - They called this a snake dance. The movements were kind of cool and the song was pretty interesting too. I think she did really well. I liked it.

Jose (B boy) - Hip hop - Well he was pretty lucky to almost get exactly his own style. It was a Twilight/werewolf production lol. I enjoyed it. The woman he was dancing with jumped up and wrapped herself around his head. It was pretty amazing.

Adechike (don't have a nickname) - This was suppose to be a fantasy. A man sitting in his office when a beautiful woman comes in and he goes off into la la land. Well his partner sizzled with sex. Him... not so much. I got the feeling that she scared him lol. It didn't do it for me.

Melinda (tap girl) - Jive - I felt sorry for her. She is tall and gawky. This will be harsh but she reminds me of Alice the Goon. That was only half her problem. She was paired with a man who had the most perfect ass I have ever seen in my life!! I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away from him. With all that... they had no chemistry.

Alex (second half of the perfect boys) - Contemporary - This totally didn't do it for me. I found it to slow. Yes it showed off how great a dancer this guy actually is but the whole thing was just flat for me. Then the judges started gushing about how wonderful it was and I began to wonder if I just watched the same thing.

Alexie (tiny girl) - Hip Hop - This dance had a "boyfriend" crawl through a window. It was super slow for me. It was fun to watch but very very slow and not a normal hip hop.

Lauren (Happy Girl) - The props crack me up. This time it was a couple sitting on a couch and the guy makes a move. They jumped all over that couch. The woman has some LEGS let me tell you lol. It was kind of fun to watch.

Kent (Farm boy) - Cha Cha - OH NO the farm boy has to do a cha cha!!! This dance was so dang fun to watch. His lips were pursed like a carp. He swivelled his hips like a pro. It was like watching your younger brother pretend to be a man. When the dance was over and he started talking he actually made me laugh out loud. I love this kid. He is my favorite personality.

Ashley - contemporary - This dance was suppose to be about love. However I felt none of that. I found it rather boring.

Robert (Dark haired dude with the loud mouth) - African Jazz - Ok first off.. Wtf is African Jazz... Never mind I freaking LOVE African Jazz lol. It was super exciting. Fun. High energy. I totally 100% enjoyed that. Please keep your mouth shut at the end guy because that is what turned me off last time... oh he cried.

So who should go home... Either Adechike or Melinda

Ok I got to go finish getting ready for my dad. Wish me luck.


  1. I definately cannot dance so I'm always amazed at those who can.

  2. I think I'd be pretty anxious about a visit from a parent too. I've never been close to my dad and I would have a lot of feelings about having him "invade" my world.

    Sounds perfectly natural to me!