Friday, June 11, 2010

So you think you can dance....

I have a tv habit. One of my habits is watching So you think you can dance. So be prepared to hear my opinions on it since I can't shut up lol
After watching last night I have a feel of how it is going to go. Sort of.

The first thing I noticed was the "all stars" are going to be a distraction. I don't think it is going to work the way they think it is. I want to watch people who are competing. I feel like having the all stars in the mix just confuses things.

My opinions on last nights show... sorry but you have to deal with my nicknames until I get their real names lol.

Dance #1 had farmboy Kent and happy blond girl. These two are my favorite personality wise. The dance was different and made you watch. I kept getting confused as to who was who as they danced but all in all it was funky and fun.

Dance #2 had tap girl and some other girl.... I was bored out of my mind to the point I almost forgot about this dance.

Dance #3 had beat boy dread dude.. I like him. I really really enjoyed the beginning of the dance. After that it was more like a free for all. To many dancers that were not competing.

Dance #4 Had salsa girl. I have to admit that I didn't watch to much of her because I was distracted by the perfect abs on the male dancer.. who again was not part of the competition!

Dance #5 Had Billy and Alex. Wow. This was my favorite of the night. Both of those men are incredible. They need to perk up the personality a bit to match their skills and they could go all the way to the end. LOVED this dance.

Dance #6 I have no idea who was competing due to the number of dancers. I do know that the dark haired man was part of it. I was sort of disappointed in the dance. The song screamed out freak but the dancers didn't bring freak. It was just ok for me. The dark haired dude totally turned me off with his blabber mouth at the end though.

Does anyone else watch this? If you don't I totally think you all should start watching so you know what I am talking about LMAO


  1. I don't watch it but I will have to start DVRing it so that I can laugh with you.

  2. Ah! No, but I think I set it to record. Now I'm going to have to go back and watch it for sure just so I can see who you're talking about. I'm a reality show junkie...well, at least for certains types of shows...this one, Dancing with the Stars, Idol, Here come the newlyweds, and now my daughter got me sucked into The Bachelorette. Other than those kinds of things, I really don't watch much TV. And I always record it so I can super fast forward through the commercials. :)

  3. I don't watch it but would love for you to keep me up to date. I bet your descriptions of the shows are better than the shows! lol