Monday, June 14, 2010

Plumbing problems from hell

Kept me busy all day long. After not sleeping all night long..

Imagine this.... wandering around until almost 3am because you can't sleep. Nothing you do helps you want to sleep. Finally at 3 you get pissed off and go lay down only to stare at the ceiling. The next morning construction workers wake you up at oh dark thirty. So there you are standing with your cup of coffee. Your eyes are like sandpaper. You are kind of wobbly... you decide.. HEY I might as well start that load of laundry I stuffed in the washer yesterday.
So you drag your happy ass into the garage and turn on the washer. With your cup of coffee that you have only taken about three sips of you sit your butt in the chair in front of the computer to wake up.
What in the hell was that? I get up and walk into the bathroom and see giant bubbles in my toilet... then it stops.
In my brain dead mind I turned back around and sat back down thinking WTF.
I get back up and walk into the bathroom just in time to see the clear bubbling water in my freaking toilet turn dark brown... then black... then begin to pour out of the toilet onto the floor.
At this point I am pretty sure I looked like this....

I grabbed everything I could and shoved it in front of the door. Towels, clothes anything fabric that I had within reach. And the water kept coming.
I was freaking out.
The water was now literally an inch deep.

and I am to freaking tired so you have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of the story lol


  1. Oh no! I can't wait... That just isn't fair! Gawl donit! *flops back in chair*

  2. Oh that's gross! So how did it turn out? Did you stop the possessed toilet?

  3. Haha. You surely know how to keep your readers guessing, huh! Kidding aside, your post about your bathroom and toilet kinda scares me. Imagine all the stuff that came out there. I would suggest calling your plumber at once. He will definitely help you with your problem, so we will know how your story would end. Keep us posted!

    (Darryl Iorio)