Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Can someone just please go clean up the oil

Seriously what is it going to take for someone to just shut up, step up to the plate and try to do something. I understand that this is something no one has dealt with before but instead of sitting on our asses waiting for the leak to be plugged before the clean up efforts start maybe we should get up and do something.
Nationwide. Get everyone involved. Pay people to clean!
We are in the middle of one of the worst crisis's ever and people are having meetings and pointing fingers. Do that shit after the problem is taken care of.
I understand that BP had the well. That the well was owned by some other company. Who gives a flying fuck.
We as a nation including our government need to step up and do anything and everything we can. Hurricane season is coming quickly. Things are about to get a hundred times worse.
Animals and birds and who knows what the hell else is dying. The oil has reached the coastline.
Why are we waiting for BP to purchase the booms that stop the oil? Send the damn things now and decide later who pays for them. Hell how about this concept... Donate the damn things.
I don't understand the attitude in regards to this. Congressional hearings? WTF
Just get the freaking job done.
That oil isn't just floating on the top people. It is sinking to the bottom too. It isn't just floating or sinking either. It is grabbed up in the current and dragged all over hell and gone. We are looking at something that is going to plague us for years and years to come.
Hire me to go clean. I will. I am unemployed and if you were hiring I would go in a heartbeat. Take over a few hotels (compensated properly) and house all of us who are willing and able to stand on a freaking beach with a bag and a oil grabber.
UGH this frustrates me to no end!!!


  1. But they aren't finished telling each other what to do yet. And our GREAT president hasn't decided it's time to stop freaking out the public yet. He has to make sure blame is SOLELY on BP so he doesn't get any backlash like Bush did. I agree, this has gotten pretty damn rediculous!

  2. I *KNOW*!!!! What is taking so fricking long to FIX the problem?!

  3. This is ridiculous but it comes down to the almighty dollar. Who is going to pay for it and who is going to make a profit. They won't send the booms because then the company making them won't make money on them and so on...... In the meantime, industries and towns that rely on the Gulf are dying along with the wildlife. It SUCKS that the little guys are going to be hurt the worst in this.