Monday, March 22, 2010



3:45pm I walk into the bosses office for the 90000000 time to ask him to give me something to do. He asked me if I was done with everything I had.
Jody's head...."why yes that is why I am asking for something to do"

yes, I am.

The boss... ok then you can head out early today.

Jody's head "of course"


The boss... We are probably going to move you to part time for the time being. At least until you get up and running and can work independently

Jody's head... WTF!! Work independently I have been you fucking ass... wait.. Part time!!!

Ummm by part time what do you mean and when would that start.

The boss.... We would start it right away I think. And I am thinking about 4 to 6 hours a day.

Jody's head... OMFG you ass. You ruined my unemployment and you are going to put me on part time that is going to be less then unemployment and what about insurance? Do I still get that? Let's see if I work 4 hours I get way less then unemployment.. 6 might be ok and I can go home and play on the board but Insurance!!!!

Opens mouth to ask about insurance and get a hard firm amount of time worked........

RING RING RING goes the bosses cell phone.
He picks it up and looks at it.
I have to take this. Have a nice evening Jody....
answers phone and starts talking.

Jody's head... oh shit... oh oh SPIN!!! oh crap.. what the hell am I going to do

Gets in car and goes home.

Later tonight...................

I was freaking flaming when I typed that out. I am much more mellow now. Still pissed don't get me wrong but more calm.
I am angry at the way he went about telling me like it was no big deal. Dude you aren't the one with the tiny paycheck.
Then I did what I do best. ... I made a list.
If I get 4 hours a day I am a little over a hundred dollars less a week then unemployment was.
If I get six hours a day I am 48 dollars over what unemployment was.
The man put me in a pretty screwy position here.
If he only gives me 4 hours a day I can't live on that but I can't quit.
Quitting = no unemployment.
If he gives me six plus insurance in three months that is fine. I can live on that. I have been for the last almost 8 months.
Minus the whole gas thing though.
However if it is 6 hours and no insurance not so good.

I am just plain frustrated right now. Why hire someone if you can't give them enough work.
How long is "for a while"

All questions I need to ask. I absolutely HATE that I am in the position to have to do that.


  1. Shit, that really sucks. I don't blame you for being so mad. And, to leave you hanging like that, so rude. This is a life he is talking about. Write all your questions down and march in there tomorrow and explain that you need some answers. Good luck and keep us posted. I really feel bad for you :(

  2. what? Can they seriously and legally do that? They hired you for full time and now theyre putting you at part time? They aren't having you do what they hired you to do... WTH?! You had all expectations of making a certain amount of money, you should be paid that, at least.

    I agree, the UE thing is the stick in the mud. What a mess!! Keep us posted... ♥