Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dark Art

Being an avid horror lover my entire life has allowed me to see beauty where many others don't. To see and appreciate the fine details some artists put into their works. I understand that most of the artwork I find intriguing is not for everyone. That it makes some people question my sanity. Trust me I have been told that to my face.
But as they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Would I hang this type of art all over my house? No. But I might put a discreet piece here or there. If I lived alone and didn't live with someone who didn't get it.
Would you like to see some? Ok then ready lol
I think I should probably start with the less disturbing to people art first...
(again as with all my stupid pictures click on it to get the full effect thanks!)

This first one is sort of a play on another famous piece. But to me there is something intriguing about it. I wouldn't hang this one on the wall but I enjoy it.

Here is another one I wouldn't hang on the wall but look at the detail involved.

This next piece captures a piece of my childhood so well that I actually had to look away the first time I saw it. When I was younger my great grandparents had a basement. Everything in the picture is exactly as I remember the basement. The stairs were exactly the same. The stone wall was exactly the same. The dust motes. And this picture exactly shows the fear I had that something was waiting to reach through the holes in the stairs and grab my leg. It also didn't help that at the bottom of the stairs there was a doll with glass eyes that glowed in a miniature rocking chair. Or that you had to walk down three steps in pitch black in order to reach the light switch. So no this wouldn't be hung either.

Now let's go a little deeper shall we?
I like this one for some reason.
Hand mouth funny stuff Pictures, Images and Photos

I really like this one too...

These pieces are pretty cool also

There are so many more that I like that I can't even begin to show you. Now don't get me wrong I enjoy conventional art also but there is a soft spot inside of me for these types of images.


  1. These are awesome works. I don't think I would hang them in my home. Too many butterflies everywhere!

  2. Wow. but I personally would hang them all over my house.