Sunday, March 14, 2010

How did I do everything before?

I don't know if it is just the first week or what but I honestly don't know how I held my home life and my work life together before. I get up in the morning, go to work then come home to..... chaos. Gotta get dinner on the table. Want to play on the net. Want to read blogs. Gotta watch Survivor/Lost/American idol/Ghost hunters etc. There doesn't seem to be enough time to do it all.
But I know I did it before. Actually minus the blog but still. I handled it.
It is hard though. I hope it gets easier as time goes on.
My job has a few weird quirks that I have noticed. Like I haven't got one break yet. I get a lunch at random times but no breaks. No one ever leaves their desks. Ever. They even eat lunch at their desks. Who does that?
I am going to give it my all though. But if things continue to get stranger then they have been I might have to think about looking for other work in the future. I need breaks. I need people who talk. Nobody really talks there.
I guess I was used to a family like place. A job where everyone really cared about each other and talked to each other like family. This place... maybe it will come to that. I hope it does.

I haven't had time to read blogs. I am kind of bummed out about that. I need to figure out how to get the time for that. I think I am going to get me a fancy phone that has the internet and then I can use that to catch up on what I am missing.

The work is easy so far but the atmosphere is off. I wish I knew how to explain it.
I sincerely hope it is just new girl jitters.

I have spent a ton of freaking money in the past two weeks on clothes. More then I have spent in the past probably 3 years. I have purchased 7 pairs of pants. 10 shirts and 5 bras. Yes I know that is a lot of bras LMAO but 3 of them were on sale for $6.99 and I couldn't pass up their cuteness.
I did really need clothes though. After working for three years in the same place then staying home for almost 8 months I needed new stuff bad. I figure it will be another 3 years or so before I buy more. I HATE SHOPPING!!!!

Ok I am going to try to read some blogs before the honey starts calling me to go to bed.


  1. Blogging jsut sucks the time away! You will figure out a good schedule to work everything in. Glad you like the job dispite the weirdness!

  2. You'll figure it all out, and if you don't, you're so fabulous that you'll find a job that suits you better.

    P.S. You've been tagged on my blog : )