Monday, March 1, 2010

Sometimes you just have to laugh at their stupidity

No seriously. You do.

Oh wait... you have no idea what I am talking about right? Well lets go on a little journey of the last few days shall we?

I have been living with someone who obviously needs to take some kind of chill pill. I don't know if he is having a hard time at work right now or what but he is bringing it home and making everyone including the animals avoid him. He walks through the door looking like this....

(not him, random internet picture)
Now I know this is abnormal for him but still it is making me tense. I have tried talking to him but I get the I don't want to talk right now.
Well fine then... UGH.
Anywhooo.... on top of this PMS he seems to be having our neighbors have been fighting like summer normal. I figure it is the warm weather.
Imagine neighbors like this.....

Yelling at the top of their lungs at each other for hours and hours. Yelling that they wish the other one would die. Using every foul mouth statement you can imagine and some you can't.
It enters into your house and feeds any irritability that might exist.
Did I mention that I have been irritable lately? That the man has PMS hardcore?
Yup.... not a great combo.

AND There was a dang live possum on my porch last night
This is the second possum in less then a week. First the dead one my dog was carrying around.I went out to feed the cats and I flipped on the light and it just looked at me. Tried to shoo it and it just leaned down and ate??? a piece of cat food from the night before.
It did have really interesting feet. And sort of a cute nose. But it had no fear at all of me and SLOWLY walked into the flowers in my front yard.
It was very interesting to see first the feral cat mootch walk up onto the porch... look at the possum and you could see his mind say hell no and get off the porch. Then Rusty runs on the porch, looks at the possum, sniffs his/her tail and gets off the porch.
The possum could have cared less about the cats.

<---- would like to not have possums on my porch
(random possum from internet lol)

And this brings us to today. See I think I am at the end of this invisible rope.

So my computer has been having issues. Some stupid pop up thing has been making me insane. Something about file dbgheap.c line 1132. And everything you try to get rid of it the computer locks up. So today I decided I am going to fix this if it kills me.
<----is computer stupid and me fixing things is NEVER a good idea.
So I read a bunch of things and they all seem to point to spyware. So I go searching for free spyware that is recommended by computer geeks. I find one and run it. Then I go to delete it off my computer.
(hide the evidence that I tried (did?)to fix the computer!!)
However.... this little box from the spyware thing pops up with a list of no no sites and things it deleted.
Porn. Yup lots and lots of OMG what in the hell is that porn.
<---- doesn't look at porn.
At this point I just had to laugh. I started to get pissed off. I really did but then you know what? It so wasn't worth it. So I laughed. I deleted all the porn files but I still laughed while gritting the teeth.
Will I mention this when he gets home? I don't think so. It is no longer worth it.

What does this mean for my future? I am going to buy MY OWN computer. One that he can't tell me I am screwing up with my facebook games.

Stupidity pisses me off. Don't blame me for the computer being screwed up if you are looking at porn. Every person on the planet knows that porn fucks up computers.

Deep breath.

*rolls eyes...


  1. Ugh on. Porn party? Maybe thats what you need to do to cheer him up. :)

  2. My home computer is doing the same thing. UGH! Stupid pop up thing.


    scroll down to the oppossum line...anything in there apply to you or your life right now? I always pay attention when an animal makes itself present to me again and again.

    Sorry your other half is being a butt. My child has come home from school with such an attitude I had to give myself a time out in order not to lose my shit. Must be the moon.