Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Should I be worried?

Today is day 6 of my new job and the second day they have sent me home early due to lack of work for me. Yesterday they sent me at 3 and today at 11:45.
If it were several months into my new employment I wouldn't worry but seriously it has only been 6 days. The boss told me I was salary last week but I never got anything in writing so I am a little worried about what my paycheck is going to look like. I honestly don't see to much that can keep me busy there but hopefully I am just not seeing it.
It gets pretty damn old walking into a office and asking "Do you have anything for me to do?" over and over and over again. I must have asked that about 20 times so far. Other friends have told me to go slow with the work I have to do. Thing is I can only go so slow. It isn't like they are giving me hard stuff.
In the past few days I had to move plans to a cart, clean out the bosses inbox, print plans, do take offs and file. There is nothing left to file, the inbox is sparkling with tabs, the plans are gone and I printed out everything I had to print out and take off. So now what?
Please please please let me get paid for this time off. If not I really screwed myself.
And my god is it QUIET in that office. Biting into a potato chip sounds like a freaking shot gun.
The only place I can park my car is right in front of the glass front building. That makes me uncomfortable like I am on display, so I have been walking around to the back of the building and sitting on a curb for my lunch. I have yet to have one single break. I miss sitting in my car and reading. :(

well wasn't this a pleasant blog entry? Sorry!!!

CRAP!! I got an award. I have to post it on here tomorrow. Are you excited for me LOL


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about it yet. They are probably thinking that they're letting you get accustomed to things, and are watching how you handle what you have. Maybe this is their slow season. Seriously, if they didn't need someone there they wouldn't have been hiring.

    Maybe you can ask your boss... if there was something you could do to STAY at work longer during the day.

    I do hope that you get paid what you expect to be paid. Hang in there until you get your paycheck and then you can freak or piss with relief. ;)

  2. I wouldn't worry yet - but maybe quit asking if there is anything to do and just go about your business. Maybe the person before you was a much slower (or incompetent) worker. Or it could be like my company (which would NEVER send us home if it was slow) and when there's not much going on - there's just not much going on. There's been plenty of times where I surf the net, do a crossword (covertly of course) because there is simply nothing to do.