Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Still sort of frustrated.

So it goes like this. If I have work I get to work 8 hours. If I don't have work I have to go home.
What that means is something that should take me 5 minutes is going to take me an hour. I will get all my hours if I have to pretend to be reading something while really drawing pictures in my mind. Seems stupid to make a person work slower... not that they probably expect that but that is what they are going to get.
Yesterday I created a purchase order tracking system, called all outstanding p.o's and got their arrival dates. Created the spreadsheet that everyone could look at. Finished that about 2 hours then spent the next two playing with colors on the spreadsheet. Should I use red for delivered or orange... highlight everything red, change to orange, change back to red.
Screw it.
It totally goes against my work ethic but so does not getting paid for 8 hours.
Speaking of... Last week was paid short. That is a bummer.
I am creating my own job it seems LMAO.
I got a call from the second head dude Dave today to give me some information for the boss. He then proceeded to ask me if they were keeping me busy. I was shocked into silence for a minute and said sort of. He told me that he was afraid to give up some stuff that he really needs to hand off due to the fact that people leave a lot. Then proceeded to tell me what a great job I was doing and how excited he was at how organized I am. And how he was looking forward to finally handing over stuff.
Tomorrow I have a task from the estimator Tim. See I am out of work yet again. Minus a few phone calls I have to make so I asked him for something to do tomorrow when I come in.
So.......... I get to rearrange his book shelf. He wants row number 3 and 4 to be put where row 1 and 2 are and visa versa. Sounds THRILLING!!! Right?
*rolls eyes.
Operation Make Them Talk is in failure mode. Seems like when the Oregon dude is there no one will talk. Hours will go by in dead silence. The cone of silence is strong and very sturdy. So I have pretty much started just talking to myself sort of under my breath.
"ooo I should print that, I should go look for that file, I wonder if it is warm outside"
It is keeping me from going insane kind of...

I am giving this job a month. If it still sucks I am going to start looking again. And that sucks too.

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  1. That does suck! I am sorry things are not working out as well as you hoped. Good luck, can you not look at the same time you work there? Do you have opportunity to surf the net from there and keep looking? Just a thought.