Tuesday, April 6, 2010

All kinds of things

I have to be quick I have company coming. My sister in law, brother and son are coming over. They came from Nevada so I am going to be spending time with them.
I got a new computer over the weekend. Actually we now have duel computers. The problem is nothing tranfered over to this one. I was damn positive that I had it all set up to tranfer if not by itself then on the stupid flash drive. My files did but none of my favorites did. SOOOOOO post a comment on here so I can find you again. I am kind of losing my mind over this a bit.
I miss reading you guys.
I will be going through all the old comments to get you that have posted after I get back from my shopping trip today.
It is so nice to have my own computer though. One where no one can remove anything on accident. To bad it all was removed anyway. But I will find you!
Now with this windows 7 I don't even have a bookmarks tab. WTF?
But I spent most of yesterday adding my itunes back, resumes back, pictures back. Now I just need to figure out how to never have to add in any passwords and stuff.
YAY NEW COMPUTER... Booo hisss things didn't move right lol.
I shall talk to you all tomorrow!


  1. You do have a bookmark tab; it's under Favorites. Our you can add the Google (I think) toolbar. Yay new computer!

  2. Have a great time visiting your family! :) There is nothing like a brand new computer!! :) Enjoy!

  3. YAY! New computer! You will get it personalized in no time. Enjoy the visit with the Family!