Tuesday, April 20, 2010

There is just something about grandma's house.

This weekend I went up to grandma's house with my buddy Sazy. We left on Friday around 3pm and got stuck in traffic so it took us quite a bit to get there. Once we hit the trees though it is like a feeling of peace flows through you. And once we reached Placerville it was like life here in the bay area was left behind. If there was a way to bottle that feeling I would be a millionaire.
Once we got there we made our plans for the next two days, played some cards and went to bed.
Grandma has a day sleeper bed that we use. It is one bed that is tall while the other bed slides underneath it to be used when company comes. You pop up the bed so it is normal bed height. I popped up the bed and we grabbed the kittens to sleep in our room.
After getting into our jammies I climbed into my bed while I waited for Sazy to finish getting ready for bed. She walked in and flopped down onto the bed which proceeded to fall down to the floor. (I can't ever remember it doing that before)
At first we laughed our asses off and then there was a moment of OH SHIT THE KITTENS! So Sazy jumped up and we looked for the kittens who thankfully hadn't been under the bed.
But of course then we started describing all the ways we would have gotten rid of the evidence of killing grandmas favorite cat.
Yes we are a bit morbid with our humor but still!
We talked about sneaking outside to bury it and trying to distract grandma from the newly turned dirt. We talked about hiding it under my uncles bed or pillow and blaming him. We talked about each of us taking half (somehow it was cut in half *snort) and putting them behind the tailgate of the car and grossing people out.
The entire time we are laughing our asses off. Laughing to the point of tears. What can I say it had to be at least 1am.
The next day we headed for the casino. We gambled and met up with my cousins for lunch. We were there a LONG time lol. But we figured it out. It cost us $20 an hour to play. Not horribly bad right?
We came home and ate some dinner and played some card games with grandma. At bed time Sazy and I probably spent almost 3 hours talking about Lost. I think by the time we went to sleep our brains were seeping out of our ears. See the more you actually talk about Lost the more confused you get. So again we didn't go to sleep until at the very least 2am. That was two late nights.
On Sunday we had to run an errand for grandma. We went to her friends house to pick up a piece of fencing. This is an older woman who walks with a cane who is taking care of her son that is dying. Well that turned into something completely different. First Sazy and I planted a plant my grandmother had brought for her. Then we noticed that pine needles covered the stairs. Well being nice like we are lol we decided that wasn't cool. So we grabbed some rakes and proceeded to clear off the stairs.... which turned into half a mountain. By the time we were done we were sweaty and had wobbly parts from doing so much exercise. We also had a pile of pine needles that would easily have hidden a full grown cow. Both of us could have laid on the ground and been completely covered in needles to the point of not knowing we were there.
That was the first part of the grandma's friend trip.
The next part was moving fencing, stakes, boxes, picture frames and a tv into my truck. It was packed! There was just enough room for me, Sazy and grandma.
After we left I seem to have made a wrong turn. (ok I kind of knew I made a wrong turn about 2 minutes in) See Grandma's friend lives out in the boonies. The next thing I know is the road goes from being a road to being gravel to being dirt with a nice cliff on one side. I am deathly afraid of heights so I decided to stop this "side trip" and turn around.
I do love side trips though lol
When we finally got back on the main road we decided that we were starving and dying of thirst. We found a nice little pub to eat at. Behind the bar was a ruddy country boy that I decided needed to be Sazy's boyfriend but she seemed fixated by the man sitting with his back to us at the bar. See he had a little bit of crack showing. Sazy kept talking about putting ice cubes, flowers and anything else that popped into her mind into his crack. Gotta love Sazy!
Next stop was caching. For those of you unaware of what caching is...there is a whole hell of a lot of little hidden treasures everywhere. People hide a box full of trinkets and you use your gps to find them. Sazy and I have been geocaching for a long time time. But it had been a while since we had went since it was raining.
Oops actually the first cache was before going to grandma's friend but since I all ready typed out that I am just going to type the first cache now.
The first cache was in a old cemetery. Sazy and I had all ready visited this cemetery to look around once without knowing there was a cache in it. It has funny old wooden tombstones with the names weathered off. I sincerely hope that somewhere someone has those names.

We had barely been in that cemetery for two minutes when Sazy leaned against a tree to look for the cache. Within seconds she was coated in mutant giant ants. Hundreds of them. We spent the next few minutes beating her to death trying to get them all off of her. When we were done we found the cache.

The next one was in a Mcdonald's parking lot however it was somewhere a little to close to a giant bee tree for comfort so we decided not to look for it.
<---allergic to bees.
The next one was at a ruins I have driven by a thousand times and not stopped. But I have always wanted too.

On the far left hand side is a low tunnel you can crab walk through to get to a room where the ceiling has obviously fallen down during times passage. We walked through that of course. Sazy was like a freaking mountain goat. She crawled all over that place. I did walk up some old stone stairs but once I reached the open ceiling room I was to freaking chicken to walk around the perimeter. That damn height thing again.
We love stuff like that. There is something wonderful about touching history.
We didn't find the next one or the one after that but we still were having an adventure.
We ended up at a pond with geese. Supposedly the cache was up a mountain...which we climbed... far... high... big old mountain lol. And we had nothing to show for it. Normally we print out the cache listing which will give you a clue but since I had gotten the new computer the printer wasn't set up yet I had just written down the coordinates.
We climbed back down the mountain and went to go feed the ducks and geese. There were people fishing on all the banks so we chose the area with no fishermen to feed them. The geese walked up onto the shore and proceeded to bite the crap out of me. My foot, My leg. I had bill marks on my pants. The whole time Sazy is cracking up and no matter how much I shooed them away they wouldn't leave. Stupid freaking geese!
We decided to call it a day and headed back to grandmas house.
We played cards into the wee hours of the night while drinking champagne. We laughed and just plain old had a good time.
And of course Sazy and I just gabbed out brains out until the wee hours again.
The next morning we packed up and left for home. We made two stops to look at houses for Sazy's mom but neither one was the best. One was in way to small of a town and the other.. I don't know why I wasn't thrilled with it but it just didn't work for me.
We stopped on the way home at a sonic and got a giant cherry slushie and some food.
We were both beat by the time we got to my house. Tired in a good way but so ready to go to bed.
I have to mention that we "watched" the first Sharks game on Sazy's phone. We sat there playing cards and refreshing the score for hours. (the game wasn't shown at Grandmas) The second Sharks game we listened to on the worlds crappiest radio.
All in all it was the best good wonderful weekend!


  1. I'll take the geese over the aunts any day of the week and twice on Sunday!

    I don't know if you or Sazy have an iPhone, but there is a geocaching app. I've only tried it once and couldn't find the cache, but I think Lil'B and I could have a lot of fun with that if the app works right consistently.