Thursday, April 15, 2010

You know what sucks?

Last night I was so freaking excited! I hopped in the car with Sazy and we headed off to the Sharks playoff game. We arrived early and grabbed some food and made our way to our seats.
No this isn't the part that sucks by the way.
When the game started it was incredibly energy filled. I felt like an overexcited child with sensory overload.

the lights were down. The crowd was wild. It was freaking awesome! They gave us towels to wave.

The entire stadium was waving those flags.
They had giant inflatable sharks that flew around.

The other team scored. BOO!!
Then we scored! WOOO HOOO!!!!
Then with less then a minute to go... they scored. That sucked.. but not what sucked according to my title lol.
After driving home and taking a shower I hopped into bed. Because we were going to a Sharks game I drank soda after 3pm. See 3pm is my cut off for caffeine if I want to sleep. In fact I had a monster soda at the game.
So there I was laying in the bed at 10:30 with my eyes wide open. The combo of being over stimulated plus caffeine had me laying their until 11:30 before getting up to take a sleeping pill. There was no way in hell I was going night night without that pill.
So... I laid there. And laid there. And laid there.
This is the part that sucks by the way.
I waited for that sleeping pill to take effect. But caffeine is a mean ass. It wins over a sleeping pill as I found out last night.
Let's just say that it was a long long time until I finally fell asleep.

I am heading off to Grandma's tomorrow night. WOO HOO Grandmas!


I got my unemployment back! YAY ME!!! I got the first check today since I was laid off. I can't even tell you what a freaking relief that was.


  1. I know all too well. And the caffeine sensitivity only gets worse as you get older, for me, anyway. Watching QVC is my remedy for sleeplessness. It works every time!

  2. Caffeine keeps me awake too. Its MEAN! YAY for the check! Huge relief, I know!