Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ok I think everything is normal again

I can finally hear. I am no longer a snot factory. I got a letter from unemployment saying they got my claim. My family has been to visit and gone. The honey isn't home (like yesterday) due to jury duty. The house is clean. And I have added a bunch of blogs to my favorites. Along with setting up the new computer to my desires lol.
So now I should be able to schedule myself again. Job hunting, game playing, house cleaning, blogging and dinners. I should be back to my own self.
It has been interesting with dual computers. We have actually sat and researched something at the same time. We are thinking of taking a Mexican cruise at the end of this year.
I know, I know I have no job. It totally wasn't my idea either. It was his. He knows I have no job so he knows unless I do he is totally footing most of the bill lol. Besides I need to get it booked in case I get a job. That way I can tell them by the way in December I have a cruise all ready paid for and booked.
Do I think this cruise is going to actually happen? Not really. I give it about a 15% chance. But it is fun to talk about lol.
I didn't really look for a job last week due to the death sickness but I have looked this week. I have to tell you this is a giant pain in my ass. I all ready did this. It is frustrating that I have to do this again. But I guess I really have no choice do I? Why can't I be rich sigh.....

It is beautiful outside and I have a few flats of flowers to plant in all the buckets outside so I should get to that. I have a post in my head for tomorrow. Not one of these blah blah blah type posts either. I should also comment on your blog today. If I don't.... I don't have you yet so post a comment so I can find you!


  1. Yea, I would be frustrated to have to do a job search so soon after thinking it was finally all over! I feel for you.

    Pictures of those flowers? And I am shocked... really shocked you did not mention "READING" in your daily activities! *gasp!*

  2. Reading is such a main part of my life that it is like breathing lol. I think that is why I didn't mention it.

  3. Well, the brief interlude of having a job that made you feel less than human will make this time without a job even MORE delightful! Get well and enjoy yourself. And by the way...I'm jealous. To even be able to TALK about a cruise would be awesome.