Monday, August 16, 2010

Hi honey I'm home

I had the best time this last week. I have tons and tons of pictures to share and stories to tell. But first... first I must clean the house that was left to a man for a week. I also have about 5 loads of laundry, dishes and a tub to scrub.

I will start you off with a teaser though.

We drove up to Lake Tahoe the night before the wedding was to take place. We tried to get into the room but it was to early so we left to go gamble for a while. When we came back to get into our room I noticed that everyone that worked there was lumbering and slow in their speech. They also all looked pretty much alike. And none of them smiled. I walked back to the truck and told Sazy and my grandma that we were in a hotel run by hillbilly cannibals. They both laughed but they soon learned that I was pretty much right.
That night we settled into bed and my grandmother goes "do you see that?" See what I asked.
She then points over towards Sazy's bed and says "That!"
I look over where she is pointing and don't see anything at first. Then I start to see a black shadow move around the bottom of Sazy's bed.
"THAT?" and I point over towards the shadow.
(remember it is dark in the room)
My grandmother says "there is a ghost in this room"
I had to agree as I watched the shadow move towards the door and reach up towards the knob.
Now Sazy is laying there thinking we are crazy because she doesn't see anything at all.
Both grandma and I try to point where we see the ghost but she still doesn't see it.
Then grandma says "Did you see That???"
Both Sazy and I say "What?"
"The clock just moved"
My grandma then starts making shooing motions with her hands. "Shoo go away! Shoo!" And says she is closing her eyes and not looking anymore.
It was at this point I look up and see the shadow on the ceiling above my bed. I point and say " Do you see that?"
Grandma says " I am not looking anymore"
And Sazy says she didn't see anything.
At this point the ghost goes back over by the foot of Sazy's bed. It wanders back and forth and in front of the curtains. Sazy doesn't believe a word of what we are saying. She thinks we are fooling with her. We weren't.
She took some pictures...... (don't forget to click on them to see all of the picture)

Now think what you like. Dirty camera lens or what ever but I know what I saw. Grandma knows what she saw. And you will see in the rest of the pictures that the lens wasn't dirty.