Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Operation flowers

I went to Home Depot today and found four one gallon pots of flowers. Two of these.

One yellow and one purple.
And two of these.

A red one and a pink one.
I cleared out the dead things under the neighbors window and planted them. It was freaking HOT outside.
It looks much much much better but I think it needs one more flower.
The best part? It only cost me twelve bucks. Twelve bucks for bigger bushes that won't die over the winter.
The lantana (first flowers posted) will spread across the ground like a carpet. While the geraniums (second flower) will grow up and into a nice bush. It should look really good in a few months.
He had a few snapdragons that had past reached their prime so I cut them back so they would grow next year. I pulled out some crab grass in the bed and I think it looks nice.
I may or may not go get that last flower I think it needs tomorrow. I am not sure. I will look again with fresh eyes when I go water the lawn.
Speaking of that. I took over a frog sprinkler we had and don't use since we installed a sprinkler system. I have seen Howard out there watering his lawn by hand for years. And let me tell you after one time of watering it by hand myself that sprinkler is going to live there lol.
I think he comes back on Thursday. I really really hope he doesn't think I overstepped my bounds by planting them. But it looks better. Honestly.


  1. I need to find me some of those lantanas! If they'll spread and cover the ground like carpet... thats MY kind of thing... hmm...

  2. Awesome, you are a great neighbor! Mine just call the cops on my kids for playing near their yard! >.>

  3. Beautiful! Both the thought and the flowers. I think he'll be touched.

  4. You are full of awesomeness for doing this.

  5. Can you be my neighbor? I would love to come home to new flowers. :)