Thursday, August 5, 2010

In vacation mode

I leave on vacation in two count them TWO DAYS!!! Saturday I drive up with Sazy, pick up my grandma in Placerville, then drive up to Lake Tahoe for two bliss filled days. Sunday is a wedding we are all going to but Saturday I plan to stick my feet in that damn lake.
Is it weird that I am wishing for a thunderstorm during the evening?
The honey was suppose to go up with me on Saturday coming home Sunday for the wedding but he had to work so Sazy and I switched around our dates for our vacation.
See we were going to go up to grandmas on Wednesday staying until Saturday. Since it didn't make sense for me to drive up to Tahoe, turn around and drive back to the bay area to pick up Sazy, drive back to Placerville, she changed her days off. So now we are on vacation from Saturday to either Saturday or Sunday.
So it looks kind of like this....

Vacation day 1 (Saturday) and 2 (Sunday) Sazy, Grandma and I will all be at Lake Tahoe. Saturday is a free day that I plan to spend at least some time with my feet in the lake and Sunday is a wedding at 12 with a reception that ends at 4:30.

Day 3 (Monday) drive back to grandmas house maybe do some grocery shopping and look around down town.

Day 4 (Tuesday) Coloma. We are going to go to the place where gold was discovered. We are going to go to a museum, look at the replica of the old west town and swim in the American River.

Day 5 (Wednesday) gold bug mine We are going to go explore an actual gold mine and maybe pan for gold.

Day 6 (Thursday) Sly Park Lake/alpaca farm. We are going swimming in a lake and petting Alpacas. Also tonight is the meteor shower we are on this vacation for.

Day 7 (friday) play it by ear Second half of the meteor shower

Day 8 (Saturday)same as day 7 except we definitely come home today.

So as you can see..... We will be gone a week. Which means I will be in dial up land. Which means no posts from me :(

I hope to bring back lots of pictures.