Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You know I have been trying to blog

But then this happens and that happens and before I knew it a damn week had gone by. Unbelievable.
I have tons of pictures to share. Stories to tell. Fun to explain.... but.. instead today I will do this lol.

I will call it.... seriously though.. WTF

I like to read celebrity news. I do! It is like a nasty little secret I have. But lately.... the news has been irritating the hell out of me.

For example...
Lindsey Lohan. Can someone please explain to me how the hell this woman got out of jail so fast? 90 days my ass. The first time she only spent 84 freaking minutes in jail. This time 14 days. 14 DAYS! out of 90. WTF Seriously. Now she is about to be released from her 90 day rehab stay after only 3 weeks. WTF?
Would this happen if it were you or I? No freaking way. For some reason it flat out pisses me off.

And what the hell is up with the sex tapes people. How stupid are you to make sex tapes? Seriously. WTF. I can almost understand making one, watching it, then deleting it but saving them. Then publishing them. Or hell having someone else publish them. How mortifying. How absolutely screwed up is that. And the fact that people out there are salivating to watch these tapes of people who don't want them seen is just plain creepy. How can you watch that knowing that the person involved has no say that they are released? Keep the camera turned off people. GEEZ

Jersey shores. These stupid idiots are famous for partying and being hoebags. When did that become fun for people to watch. When did dressing like a damn whore or walking around while pulling up your shirt to show your stupid abs become entertainment? Why do I have to keep seeing these people I have no interest in.

Mel Gibson.. when the first tape came out I thought oh crap this is bad. She needed proof that he was an ass. Then the second came out and the third and then they just kept coming. That is when my mind kind of switched. Yes, he is an ass. But you know what she is a bigger ass. What kind of person tapes every single PERSONAL argument between them and a loved one. Now every one of us has said some stupid shit when we argue with someone. Have you ever thought of taping it? Bet not. She should have just left it at the one tape. She lost all credibility in my eyes by doing what she did. I call that blackmail.

For the love of all that is holy shut the hell up about Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole.... seriously they are dead. Shut the hell up I am tired of hearing about them.

And on that note give it up about Jennifer Annisten and Angelina. I am pretty damn sure they got over the whole thing years ago. I am sure they are both not fighting about it. SNORE.

Ok.. garbage day and a ton of stuff to do. I promise more pictures and normal blogging tomorrow.


  1. Welcome back! I agree about Mel and the jersey Shore peeps. When I was at my BFF's and we wanted to go out, we couldn't go the seaside because those idiots would be there and it would be craziness.

  2. Stupid... Abs...

    I've never seen a minute of that show and have no desire to, but... Stupid abs???