Monday, August 2, 2010

A question

The neighbor across the street (who just lost his wife last year) asked me to water his front yard while he and the kids are in Washington for the week. It looks sad and blah and kind of crunchy. Would it be weird if I planted a few flowers for him along the window where flowers look like they should be? There are dead remnants of older annual flowers.
He said when he asked me to water that he was trying to make it look nice. I have known the guy for years.


  1. I think it would be very kind, if they were low maintenance flowers and you are pretty close to him. I don't think having something that is intensive to keep up might be too much for him at this point.

  2. Beautiful thought. I love the idea. Please keep us posted, I hope he appreciates your loving thoughts and effort.

  3. Awwww, I think that's such a sweet idea!

  4. You could do that.... or you could buy some grass seeds and totally saturate his yard with the seeds before you water them. Thats the one thing that keeps our grass looking so nice and green, we keep seeding it over and over before watering or before it rains.

  5. OK. Here's me giving you the "dude" answer...

    It's a sweet idea, but don't do it. Coming from a guy's perspective, "it's weird". "Why did she do that?" "Now I have to keep up with them or she'll think I don't appreciate it." "Why did she put me in that position?"

    Get the idea?

    If his yard already looks crap, it's because he doesn't keep up with this kind of stuff very well. If you plant anything there, it's just one more thing for him to not keep up with, only it's not something he put in and is not keeping up with. I think it could be awkward and make him feel bad in a way.

    Plus, yes it's sweet of you to think of something like that, but is it wise for you to spend your money that way? You are, after all, unemployed and living under the threat of having your unemployment benefits disappear... again.

    Sorry, if that's not what you hoped to hear, but it is the "dude" answer.