Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday it was 106 on my back porch in the shade. Today it is 107. I don't have the energy to do anything at all.
I don't have air conditioning. Last night I opened all the windows in the house. Not that it did any good because at 9pm last night it was 91 degrees.
You don't want to do anything. You surely don't want to cook. Or clean. Hell you don't even want to move.
In fact I think it is time for another ice cold shower UGH


  1. Holy fuck, I think I would die. I had a sweatshirt on last night because it was so chilly. (Yeah, I'm rubbing it in, I'm a bitch that way with the can get me back when I'm shoveling 20 feet of snow and you're out in a parka).

    : )

  2. Oh yuck! I would be moving some place with A/C. We have been fortunate to have lower temps this past week. I have all the windows open and have been eating all my meals outside by the river. Good luck with the cold showers!