Tuesday, November 30, 2010

UGH sick

I have been sick for days now. I wanted to let you all know I haven't died or anything like that. Just progressively getting worse sick wise.
Day one was the shivers and freezing to death (fever)
Day two was aches and sleeping all day long along with day one stuff
Day three was the beginning of a snot factory in my nose along with day one and two stuff.
Day four... wow is it only day four... add in sore throat and stuffy ears to all the other symptoms.
This sucks. I have taken so much medicine I can't remember stuff like if I put water in the Christmas tree or not.
I am going to take my stuffed up stupid nose and check if I have to go check in for Jury duty because of course I have it this week.
*sprays Lysol all over post so people don't get sick like me

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


That is what this year is doing. My god is it going fast! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I haven't posted on my blog for over a week. Soon Christmas will be here. And I still have no job.
I figure that won't happen until after Christmas anyway so no stressing about it. Lord knows I am going to stress about Christmas, Thanksgiving and gift giving and shopping so I don't need to add anymore.
Day before yesterday I bought some new cleaner to clean my shower. We have hard water and a thick film of white that will not go away. I have used comet, vinegar, 409, scrubbing bubbles. Pretty much everything. Well someone mentioned Kaboom. How it was a wonder worker. I thought ok. fine. Nothing else makes a damn dent in that white soap scum/hard water mixture I will try it. So I bought some.
And I used it. I sprayed and sprayed and waited the time I was suppose to. Then armed with my bucket of hot water and a sponge I started scrubbing. My eyes were stinging. I could feel my throat and nose getting coated with that chemical smell/taste. And the damn shit didn't work. I felt like crying. I walked around with that stupid burnt feeling in my mouth and nose all day.
That night I went to bed and at 1:30 am I woke up feeling horrible. I spent until 3:45 am running back and forth to the bathroom feeling like I was going to throw up. I never did. Although I had a few drool fests lol.
The next day I still felt horrible. I totally was having some reaction to the stupid cleaner. Today though... much better!
Needless to say that cleaner is going into the garbage. I am not in the mood for another night of staring into my toilet bowl. Which I need to clean blick.

We made the decision to go to the honey's nephews for Thanksgiving. I asked them what I should bring and they told me a shrimp cocktail platter.
What? Seriously?
They totally gave me something that I have no idea how to make. Had no idea people ate this for Thanksgiving. I ordered one over the phone from Safeway. I thought I was good. I had told the lady what I wanted. Told her how many people. Blah blah blah.
Then the honey notched up the fear factor. Are you sure you are getting the prawns and not those tiny shrimp? (ummm no I was assuming)
How many shrimp per person is that? (ummm I didn't ask that)
Exactly how big is the platter? (ummm I have no idea I told her what I wanted)
So today I need to haul my ass over to Safeway and talk face to face with the seafood lady. Why the hell couldn't they have asked me to bring something like deviled eggs!
Well, I have to go to the store. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The new hair and Walking dead.

So without any further blah blah blah... here is my new hair.

The first time I dyed it I looked just like the cat I am holding.
And no I am not so spread out on the bottom as I look in that picture I am actually sitting on a fence. I should have cut that part off lol.
It was a shock to have such dark hair the first two days. But now I like it a lot!

Are you watching The Walking Dead? Well are you? If you aren't you are missing out on a seriously excellent show.

Here are a few of my thoughts about this episode lol
I think they are in trouble with Merle. He is not going to be a happy camper that he had to cut off his own hand. I don't think the fact that they tried to go save him is going to change that in any way either. His brother is a loose cannon too.

The whole scene where Rick is reunited with his family was nice. Shane is going to have issues with this farther down the road. He is the alpha male of the group and his position is about to change. He is going to lose his kingdom, his makeshift family and anything else that he thought he had to Rick. Somehow I don't think he is going to take that well in the future.

I can totally understand him telling Laurie that Rick was dead. He goes to the hospital and it is overrun with zombies (why in the hell are they calling them geeks?) He knows that Rick was in a coma. I probably would have assumed he died in there too.

The "campers" need a better defense then cans on a string to alert them to zombie attack. They have picked a ok area but man they need to start thinking defensible space. They need to clear a larger area. They need to plan out multiple escape routes. They need to start carving weapons. They are sitting ducks right now. They need foraging teams. People they would send in small groups of maybe three at a time, to go gather supplies they needed like the radiator hose. They should be collecting all the canned food they can.
They know Atlanta is overrun. But there will be random houses here and there. Instead they are just sitting and waiting to run out of food.
They need to stop driving to get water. Walk. Quiet is key here.
The women need to be trained to kill. There is no way in hell I am going to just sit there washing clothes when my life is on the line.
They need to learn to kill silently. The cut off the head/shoot it with a arrow through the brain was nice and tidy... minus all the noise they made in trying to kill him.
They just don't seem to care about the fluids that are flying around either. Watch out people or you will find yourself infected.

Friday, November 12, 2010

The hair dye disaster

Oh boy was it ever a disaster. See, I had these two strips of grey that didn't bother me then really bothered me. So today I bought some hair dye. Medium brown. Well..... I ended up a calico.

My hair was completely and totally screwed up. Bad. BAD BAD BAD. It was red and brown and blond and stupid looking.
So I ran and bought some new hair dye to fix it.
Tomorrow Sazy is going to take a picture and I will show you what happened next.
Let's just say in my lifetime I have NEVER had this dark of hair.
Holy Crap.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What to do?

I am having a bit of a mental dilemma regarding Thanksgiving. Do I go to grandmas like normal or do I stay home and go to the honey's nephews.
I know what I want to to which is go to grandma's but honestly I want to be fair too. The honey would like to go duck hunting for the first time this season the Saturday after. He has worked every Saturday so this would be his first opportunity to do one of his favorite things and he actually really deserves to be able to go. He is working so damn hard. He is leaving the choice up to me.

So here are the choices.

Drive up to grandmas after the honey gets off work on Wednesday. A 3 1/2 hour trip one one.
See grandma has slowly but surely handed over the cooking to me. I am the holiday cook. My entire family on that side comes over and we feast. We talk and play card games. This year one of my cousins is actually going to deep fry a turkey so I wouldn't have to cook that. I am not sure who would do the rest of the cooking if it wasn't me.
I would want to stay and go see the Harry Potter movie with my grandmother since it is kind of a tradition also. But I would feel the need to leave the day after Thanksgiving in order to give the honey the opportunity to go duck hunting. So that would mean no movie.

The other choice is staying home and going to Thanksgiving at his nephews house. This is the first time they have ever done a holiday gathering. This is our first invitation to something like this from them. The honey doesn't spend a lot of time with his side of the family so this would be nice for him. He would also be able to go duck hunting that Saturday and possibly that Friday too. Something he really wants to do. It would also mean he didn't have to drive 3 1/2 hours after work and then 3 1/2 hours home the day before hunting.

My inner want is grandma. But like I said I want to be fair. I also don't want us to separate this Thanksgiving because it really looks like that might happen on Christmas. The decision should be easy. Let the honey stay home so he can have some much needed down time from his job. He has been working weekends for months now. I feel selfish for wanting to spend time with my family. I am completely torn. HELP!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Walking Dead and me

Are you guys watching this new series? It just started last week. This show is excellent. Here is the website. You can watch the first episode online.
The second episode should be up sometime soon.
I am a horror lover. I read and watch a ton of horror. So the first episode had to be good in order to keep my attention. The first 5 minutes almost had me turning it off but I am so damn glad I didn't. After that it was a no holds barred zombie lovefest. The writers did a excellent job of keeping my attention and building tension.
This is not for the faint of heart. Although the first show didn't have tons of zombies it brought us into that world. The second show more then made up for the seemingly small lack in the first show.
This is hands down my new favorite show on tv. WOOT ZOMBIES!!!!!
I cannot wait until next Sunday. :)

I know that it must be hard to try and make an original zombie show. After all how do you make something that has been around for years and years seem fresh. They are doing it by making it all about the characters. I am sooo happy I stumbled (HA!) on this show. I hope some of you are watching it too.

I haven't heard back from the job. Guess I didn't get invited to the second round of interviews. I hadn't realized how much I had wanted to hear back until I spiraled down into a blue funk.
But you know what. I give up. No really. I give up. I will continue to apply but I don't care anymore. If they call me good. But if they don't.. well screw it. I can't allow myself to get so damn depressed like that. It is horrible. So I don't care anymore. Yes I want a job. Yes I need a job. Yes I will continue to look hard for a job. But I am not allowing myself hope anymore. If I don't hope then I won't fall if I do. I am tired of falling.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mood swings are oh so much fun

I am driving myself crazy. I had a complete meltdown yesterday. One of those types where you lay in bed at night and wonder if you actually should be on some kind of medication. The honey keeps telling me I am depressed. Well hello! I know I am depressed.
How do I know this. Well lets take a look at a few signs shall we?
1. I never left the house without make up. Ever. If I did on a very very very rare occasion I would be mortified that someone might see me. Now? I can't remember the last time I put make up on. Well minus the interview I went on. I no longer care. Really who gives a flying fuck. Where do I go? And if I do go somewhere who cares.
This is NOT normal for me. I know this.
2. In this household I live with a germ guy. This means a shower in the morning and a shower at night. Every day. (sometimes more if he feels like it) I am suppose to follow suit. In fact I did. It didn't bother me. I liked it. Well that shower in the morning thing? Totally stopped on the days he goes to work. In fact it is a damn effort just to brush my hair some days.
3. Yesterday I noticed a patch of grey in my hair. About a half inch wide. Did I lose my mind like normal and run out to buy some hair dye? Nope. Would I have in the past? Yup, in fact as soon as I saw the first hint of returning grey I would have all ready had the dye in my hair.
4. A lot of my pants are capris. This means you shave your legs at least from the knee down in order to wear them right? Well... not anymore. In fact I am wearing some right now with my not combed hair and the hair on my legs is probably a 1/4 inch long. I don't care. I will go outside like this and not care. That is NOT normal.
5. I just can't seem to get interested in anything anymore. Things that normally interest me don't. I am just so tired. So freaking tired.

I really need to shake myself out of this funk. (and yes there is a much much longer list) I feel like some kind of damn pansy ass who can't handle her reality. I am from much stronger stock then that. My family would kick my ass if they could see me now. And I really don't care LOL Ahem.
Depression sucks. I want to shake myself and wake up. I can just imagine what fun I am with the honey.
A online friend of mine yesterday made the suggestion that I should go volunteer somewhere. That it will make me feel useful again. It was a really really nice and wonderful suggestion. But instead of making me feel like it was a really nice and wonderful suggestion I got defensive and semi irritated. Which is completely stupid and a totally non rational reaction to that statement. I felt like an asshole for my own feelings.
See mood swings. STUPID!!!!

anyhoooo... in other news the job I interviewed for.. still haven't heard anything. I even sent them a thank you note. oh well.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween my way

I thought I would share a couple pictures from Halloween. (and no I haven't heard from that job yet :( ) And yes you may need to click the pictures lol