Monday, August 30, 2010

Interview on Wednesday

FINALLY another interview. I go on Wednesday at noon. I am confident that I have the skills needed for the job. The only issue is it is part time. I need to find out what hours and the pay scale to see if I would even be able to afford to take the job.
I need enough to pay my bills and my cobra. If it doesn't cover that I can't accept the job if offered.
I want to work more then 24 hours. I can't take a 8 hour a week job it just wouldn't be worth it.
So cross your fingers that I ace the interview and that it fits my needs!

Friday, August 27, 2010

I realized something yesterday

As I applied to job number 8 for the day. I don't expect to get a job anymore. The number of jobs I am applying for has increased. Temporary agencies. Regular jobs. Retail jobs. I am applying to a minimum of 5 a day, mostly more, since I got back from vacation.
But yesterday it hit me. I honestly don't believe I am going to get a job. As I sent out my resume I felt nothing. I no longer check the answering machine as soon as I walk in the door anymore. I mean why bother? It is not like there is going to be a call on there. In fact yesterday I didn't remember about the answering machine until around 7pm.
Applying has just become something I do. Something that doesn't mean anything. No one is going to call me. Just like they haven't called me for the last year.
In over a year of applying I have had two interviews. One that led to that stupid three week job. Other then that... no phone calls. I can count on one hand the number of no thank you letters I have gotten.
My self esteem has taken a large hit.
It doesn't help the comments that you hear when someone asks if you have found work yet.
"You need to apply more"
"You don't have a job YET??"
"Your resume must be screwed up"
"You need to try to find a job in order to find a job"
"You just like staying home and getting paid for it"
"Aren't you even looking?"
"Try a temp agency/job board/networking" (like I haven't)
"Being on unemployment is like being on welfare. Once you get on it is easy to not try anymore. Don't you want a job?"
"You are not trying hard enough"
"Got a job yet?"
"Geez how long are you going to milk the system?"
Those are just a few. They hurt. But there is nothing more I can do to find a job. I look at all job sites daily including the temp agencies. I look at cities and county jobs. I look at company websites that are in my area. There are no jobs.
I don't expect to find one either.
It sucks.
So daily I will apply like it is a normal thing to do. Daily I will do what ever I do around the house while pretending that I will be hired some day. I hate this. :(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This almost made me pee my pants

I had to share this with you. OMG I laughed my ass off. Look for another post later. Right now I am in the middle of cleaning the house.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Yesterday it was 106 on my back porch in the shade. Today it is 107. I don't have the energy to do anything at all.
I don't have air conditioning. Last night I opened all the windows in the house. Not that it did any good because at 9pm last night it was 91 degrees.
You don't want to do anything. You surely don't want to cook. Or clean. Hell you don't even want to move.
In fact I think it is time for another ice cold shower UGH

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You know I have been trying to blog

But then this happens and that happens and before I knew it a damn week had gone by. Unbelievable.
I have tons of pictures to share. Stories to tell. Fun to explain.... but.. instead today I will do this lol.

I will call it.... seriously though.. WTF

I like to read celebrity news. I do! It is like a nasty little secret I have. But lately.... the news has been irritating the hell out of me.

For example...
Lindsey Lohan. Can someone please explain to me how the hell this woman got out of jail so fast? 90 days my ass. The first time she only spent 84 freaking minutes in jail. This time 14 days. 14 DAYS! out of 90. WTF Seriously. Now she is about to be released from her 90 day rehab stay after only 3 weeks. WTF?
Would this happen if it were you or I? No freaking way. For some reason it flat out pisses me off.

And what the hell is up with the sex tapes people. How stupid are you to make sex tapes? Seriously. WTF. I can almost understand making one, watching it, then deleting it but saving them. Then publishing them. Or hell having someone else publish them. How mortifying. How absolutely screwed up is that. And the fact that people out there are salivating to watch these tapes of people who don't want them seen is just plain creepy. How can you watch that knowing that the person involved has no say that they are released? Keep the camera turned off people. GEEZ

Jersey shores. These stupid idiots are famous for partying and being hoebags. When did that become fun for people to watch. When did dressing like a damn whore or walking around while pulling up your shirt to show your stupid abs become entertainment? Why do I have to keep seeing these people I have no interest in.

Mel Gibson.. when the first tape came out I thought oh crap this is bad. She needed proof that he was an ass. Then the second came out and the third and then they just kept coming. That is when my mind kind of switched. Yes, he is an ass. But you know what she is a bigger ass. What kind of person tapes every single PERSONAL argument between them and a loved one. Now every one of us has said some stupid shit when we argue with someone. Have you ever thought of taping it? Bet not. She should have just left it at the one tape. She lost all credibility in my eyes by doing what she did. I call that blackmail.

For the love of all that is holy shut the hell up about Michael Jackson and Anna Nicole.... seriously they are dead. Shut the hell up I am tired of hearing about them.

And on that note give it up about Jennifer Annisten and Angelina. I am pretty damn sure they got over the whole thing years ago. I am sure they are both not fighting about it. SNORE.

Ok.. garbage day and a ton of stuff to do. I promise more pictures and normal blogging tomorrow.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hi honey I'm home

I had the best time this last week. I have tons and tons of pictures to share and stories to tell. But first... first I must clean the house that was left to a man for a week. I also have about 5 loads of laundry, dishes and a tub to scrub.

I will start you off with a teaser though.

We drove up to Lake Tahoe the night before the wedding was to take place. We tried to get into the room but it was to early so we left to go gamble for a while. When we came back to get into our room I noticed that everyone that worked there was lumbering and slow in their speech. They also all looked pretty much alike. And none of them smiled. I walked back to the truck and told Sazy and my grandma that we were in a hotel run by hillbilly cannibals. They both laughed but they soon learned that I was pretty much right.
That night we settled into bed and my grandmother goes "do you see that?" See what I asked.
She then points over towards Sazy's bed and says "That!"
I look over where she is pointing and don't see anything at first. Then I start to see a black shadow move around the bottom of Sazy's bed.
"THAT?" and I point over towards the shadow.
(remember it is dark in the room)
My grandmother says "there is a ghost in this room"
I had to agree as I watched the shadow move towards the door and reach up towards the knob.
Now Sazy is laying there thinking we are crazy because she doesn't see anything at all.
Both grandma and I try to point where we see the ghost but she still doesn't see it.
Then grandma says "Did you see That???"
Both Sazy and I say "What?"
"The clock just moved"
My grandma then starts making shooing motions with her hands. "Shoo go away! Shoo!" And says she is closing her eyes and not looking anymore.
It was at this point I look up and see the shadow on the ceiling above my bed. I point and say " Do you see that?"
Grandma says " I am not looking anymore"
And Sazy says she didn't see anything.
At this point the ghost goes back over by the foot of Sazy's bed. It wanders back and forth and in front of the curtains. Sazy doesn't believe a word of what we are saying. She thinks we are fooling with her. We weren't.
She took some pictures...... (don't forget to click on them to see all of the picture)

Now think what you like. Dirty camera lens or what ever but I know what I saw. Grandma knows what she saw. And you will see in the rest of the pictures that the lens wasn't dirty.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

In vacation mode

I leave on vacation in two count them TWO DAYS!!! Saturday I drive up with Sazy, pick up my grandma in Placerville, then drive up to Lake Tahoe for two bliss filled days. Sunday is a wedding we are all going to but Saturday I plan to stick my feet in that damn lake.
Is it weird that I am wishing for a thunderstorm during the evening?
The honey was suppose to go up with me on Saturday coming home Sunday for the wedding but he had to work so Sazy and I switched around our dates for our vacation.
See we were going to go up to grandmas on Wednesday staying until Saturday. Since it didn't make sense for me to drive up to Tahoe, turn around and drive back to the bay area to pick up Sazy, drive back to Placerville, she changed her days off. So now we are on vacation from Saturday to either Saturday or Sunday.
So it looks kind of like this....

Vacation day 1 (Saturday) and 2 (Sunday) Sazy, Grandma and I will all be at Lake Tahoe. Saturday is a free day that I plan to spend at least some time with my feet in the lake and Sunday is a wedding at 12 with a reception that ends at 4:30.

Day 3 (Monday) drive back to grandmas house maybe do some grocery shopping and look around down town.

Day 4 (Tuesday) Coloma. We are going to go to the place where gold was discovered. We are going to go to a museum, look at the replica of the old west town and swim in the American River.

Day 5 (Wednesday) gold bug mine We are going to go explore an actual gold mine and maybe pan for gold.

Day 6 (Thursday) Sly Park Lake/alpaca farm. We are going swimming in a lake and petting Alpacas. Also tonight is the meteor shower we are on this vacation for.

Day 7 (friday) play it by ear Second half of the meteor shower

Day 8 (Saturday)same as day 7 except we definitely come home today.

So as you can see..... We will be gone a week. Which means I will be in dial up land. Which means no posts from me :(

I hope to bring back lots of pictures.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WOOT overturned!!!

A federal judge overturned California's same-sex marriage ban Wednesday in a landmark case that could eventually land before the U.S. Supreme Court to decide if gays have a constitutional right to marry in America.

I am so damn happy that they overturned this. I know that Prop 8 will continue up the courts but it is nice to see that someone in "power" understands that just because someone is gay doesn't mean they can't get married.

I don't understand the argument that letting gay people get married will affect "regular" marriages. How is what someone does in their own house affect what goes on in your house. Pay attention to your own marriage people.

I feel that if two people love each other and want to get married they should have the option to do so. So this ruling makes me oh so happy :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Operation flowers

I went to Home Depot today and found four one gallon pots of flowers. Two of these.

One yellow and one purple.
And two of these.

A red one and a pink one.
I cleared out the dead things under the neighbors window and planted them. It was freaking HOT outside.
It looks much much much better but I think it needs one more flower.
The best part? It only cost me twelve bucks. Twelve bucks for bigger bushes that won't die over the winter.
The lantana (first flowers posted) will spread across the ground like a carpet. While the geraniums (second flower) will grow up and into a nice bush. It should look really good in a few months.
He had a few snapdragons that had past reached their prime so I cut them back so they would grow next year. I pulled out some crab grass in the bed and I think it looks nice.
I may or may not go get that last flower I think it needs tomorrow. I am not sure. I will look again with fresh eyes when I go water the lawn.
Speaking of that. I took over a frog sprinkler we had and don't use since we installed a sprinkler system. I have seen Howard out there watering his lawn by hand for years. And let me tell you after one time of watering it by hand myself that sprinkler is going to live there lol.
I think he comes back on Thursday. I really really hope he doesn't think I overstepped my bounds by planting them. But it looks better. Honestly.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A question

The neighbor across the street (who just lost his wife last year) asked me to water his front yard while he and the kids are in Washington for the week. It looks sad and blah and kind of crunchy. Would it be weird if I planted a few flowers for him along the window where flowers look like they should be? There are dead remnants of older annual flowers.
He said when he asked me to water that he was trying to make it look nice. I have known the guy for years.